goertz dagor red dot artar

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by ron_lamarsh, Feb 11, 1998.

  1. Hi I have the opportunity to purchase a goertz artar(red dot 8.25")in a copal shutter. The seller informs me that it has slight polishing marks. How much will this affect the lense performance I am on a rather tight buget and need to get the most bang for my buck and am not all that interested in resale value. They only want $189.00 got any advise? Thanks
  2. The cleaning scratches on the lens will probably not cover enough of the lens
    area to be significant. The price is lower than the value of a good Copal shutter.


    Offhand, I would be more woried about the fact that the cells have been remounted
    in the Copal from an earlier barrel or shutter. The spacing is critical on these lenses
    and needs to be set up on an optical bench for best performance. The older shutters
    were not standardized to the present tolarances and lens cells were often shimmed for
    spacing. If the remounter knew his job it's a bargain. If not, it will not live up to the lens's
    well deserved reputation. Negotiate a trial and do a test, if you can.

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