Gobo for this lighting?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by danielscheel, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. HI everyone! I saw these gorgeous shots and was wondering what type of gobo the photographer could have used in order to get these shadows.



    Let me know your thoughts and happy sunday.

    Daniel xx
  2. Hi, the vagueness of the patterns and limited detail, information, and samples makes it hard to judge. But if you're thinking about a simple gobo used with studio lighting, I'd say this is not likely. If these are studio shots it would probably take some sort of optical projector, akin to a slide projector, perhaps even an old "overhead projector" of the style once used in classrooms where one lays a large transparency on the base.

    If these are taken outdoors, which I suspect they were, the first one might possibly be the result of a water or wine glass held up to block the sun from one eye - the shape/texture of the glass as well as ripples in the liquid or condensation on the glass could all have an effect. The second image, I wouldn't want to make hard guesses without a better quality image. The bright spots on the face don't seem like they could accidentally be projected - are they dirt on film scans, or perhaps reflections due to photographing through a window? I dunno. Is the texture a result of sunlight coming through a coarse but sheer fabric? Or perhaps it's a black veil draped over the subject? I don't think the image has enough detail to be sure. So I'm just making wild guesses.

    If you knew something about the photographer you might be able to make better guesses. If a theme repeats often then you might presume they have a system, perhaps even a studio setup. If very few repeats, perhaps they are seeking out odd lighting effects that just happen to occur here and there - perhaps sunlight reflecting from windows or other shiny surfaces, or through various objects. I dunno, it's hard to be sure.

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