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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by robert_byrd|1, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Guys, today I posted a message here for you to read, but the powers-
    that-be yanked it out and put it in the site-feedback forum. Do me
    a favor and go over there to read it and let me have your reactions
    over there. If you put reactions here, they will be cut.
  2. I thought you left here for good a few months back and swore off photo.net. You said you would only be posting a APUG from then on. Were there not enough people there for you to encite?
  3. Sorry. You're confusing me with someone else. BTW, it is spelled "incite." Is that your view of raising legitimate issues? Inciting? Would you also like to get out the censor scissors and put a stop to my "inciting"? If so, there's a word for you. Go to the thread in the site feedback forum to see what it is. It starts with an "a."
  4. I read your thread, it was stupid. The people moderating here had the power and authority to do as they please. If you don't like it find another place to post. It is that simple. You could start your own web site and post anything you like there. However, you are lazy and won't do that. You would prefer to complain than do anything of substance.
  5. Mr. O, to typify that discussion as "stupid" is no more than a slightly redirected ad hominem attack. You cannot refute my arguments, so you splutter insults. Your urging that I leave the forum and post elsewhere is a bit toward the censoring mentality, don't you think? Go to the other forum and refute what I say. That would be more helpful than saying "get out," wouldn't it? I challenge you to do so.
  6. Enough!!!...Cut the crap...This is the Nikon Forum, if you want to fight do it personally or send personal emails or Instant Messages as kids do.....Now if you want to discuss in a civilized manner as Mr. byrd proppssed, go to the Feedback Forum, simple.
  7. stands at attention "YES, SIR"
  8. Mr. Byrd, you are hereby ordered to cease and desist from pot-stirring and resume your normal duties of uploading photos of beautiful women.
  9. You are right, Lex. I need to get back to who I really am: a horny bastard! So I just put another of the "mocha" series into my portfolio for those who care...

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