Glossy or Matte?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by jlemire, Mar 6, 2005.

  1. Just wondering how others display their prints. What do you think
    looks best? Glossy or Matte?

    Personally, I have glossy prints (4x6s and 8x12s) made and then frame
    them under plexiglass (Acrylite, actually). I never really thought
    about having matte prints made up, but my lab accidently printed me a
    couple of matte 4x6s and I think they look pretty good. I will
    probably have them make me up some matte 8x12s to see firsthand, but
    am interested in others' experience/preference.
  2. *ALWAYS* matte for me. If I go glossy at all, I go metallic.
  3. i always go with matte too, don't like that shine.
  4. I happen to have a strong personal preference:

    To me, the glare coming off a glossy photo isn't very different than having
    someone shine a flashlight in your eyes while you're looking at something.

    Would you give your 4-year-old a crash cymbal to play with while you were
    listening to a symphony? I don't like a competing visual stimulus that gets
    between me and the image itself. Gloss forces you to move around to find the
    angle that produces the least glare.

    On the other hand, glossy prints have a long and venerable history.
    _Someone_ likes them! Can't argue with that. I guess not everyone is as
    easily distracted by the glare as I am.

    But ultimately it's more important what you like, isn't it? Unless:

    Are you interested in what others prefer for commercial reasons?
  5. I like matte too. Glossy seems to make colors look more saturated, but I often go for an
    undersaturated look -- I think of it as looking "older" but I don't know where I get that
  6. Always Glossy!
    Maybe its just my eyes but I have never seen matte looking better next to the same print in glossy.
    I print Glossy up to 13"x19" and would never take matte over it.

    It all boils down to what the photographer who took the photo likes!
  7. Nature forum?

    It is simply a matter of taste of the viewer. Some like it hot, some cold. Not really a photographic question at all in my book.

    Do you prefer horizontal or vertical format more? Similarly silly to ask: just develop your own taste and he happy you like Chardonnay, or Bordeaux, or ...matte or glassy.

    Its the composition, light, rendition, stupid!
  8. A glossy print may have the greatest contrast, that can be subdued with a spraying of clear Krylon.
  9. I personally prefer matte, but I understand that some photos may look better in glossy, it depends of the photo. For exemple: a photo of a car will perhaps look better printed on glossy paper because the photo will shine like the car body.
  10. I've gone increasingly to matte. There's less care about smudges and finger prints. Twenty years ago I argued glossy for maximum punch. It's largely a matter of style.
  11. glossy :)
  12. I prefer glossy, because it pops the image more than mat.
  13. Personal preference - I like the punch of glossy. To me, matte seems to have an inherent softness to it. However, I sometimes go with matte to achieve certain looks.
    That being said, I can't stand glare from a framed print -- it always seems to catch my eye no matter how I look at it. When I'm framing, I use glare-free acrylic. A piece of 8x10 glare free runs around $2.00 from Home Depot.
  14. Correction...11x14 glare-free plexiglass from Home Depot for $2.00, not 8x10.
  15. Ooh, thanks for that tip Jeff. Glass glare is just as bad as gloss glare to me.
    Glare-free acrylic -- right on.
    I hope I can find that easily up here in Canada.

    Someone else mentioned clear Krylon spray for taming a glossy print. I went
    to their website and found they make about 50 products in all sorts of
    categories. What is the exact product name you were referring to? Was it by
    any chance "Matte Finish"?


    Peter Wilson
  16. Plexiglass -- your correction noted, I posted at the same time as you.

  17. It has been such a long time that I cannot remember the ID on the spray can. "Matte Finish" sounds like a good place to start though.
  18. My favorite is a compromise known variously as Pearl, Luster (Lustre?), or Semi-matte.

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