Glossy or Lustre finish?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by bill_keane|2, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I have always ordered Glossy, believing this led to getting the sharpest
    looking results. Then I saw a post where someone claimed Lustre paper is the
    best for sharpness (or perceived sharpness)...

    So in today's world, when seeking the sharpest looking image on photographic
    paper, not inkjet, is it Glossy, Lustre, or yet something else?
  2. The Film & Processing forum would be a better place for this question, Bill, since this is a group of inkjetters who've seen the light and made the switch from the darkroom. Good luck!
  3. My stuff is all digital, but the labs I use print on Fuji or Noritsu machines that aren't inkjet -- and they typically offer glossy or lustre...
  4. Glossy can make things difficult to see due to glare (depending on lighting), and show fingerprints like crazy (the removal of which can often damage the print).

    In an album, with a protective film, the film can show bubbles.

    I stick with lustre.

    Why not try both and compare?

  5. Bill, I started using Glossy paper with my Epson R2400, because that was the only paper that the local 'Office Depot' sold for my type of printer.

    Since then I have switched to Luster paper which is my favorite type of paper and is the Professional Photographers choice. I bought my first 100 sheets at a Professional Camera store about 15 miles from my home.

    The travel was well worth it. During my Darkroom days Pearl and Lustre were my favorite B&W papers. I am so glad these papers are available for inkJet printers now, althought they are a little more expensive than glossy. Cheers
  6. The texture of lustre paper obscures minor detail on the print, so you think you are seeing more than you actually are. Glossy papers shows all the warts.

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