Glacier NP - and other places in N. Montana

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  1. I am planning a trip during end of July to Glacier NP. I know that it's a
    great place and am excited to explore as much as I can (it will be my first
    trip there). I will probably have a week, want to do mostly landscapes (some
    wildlife) and hike/camp as much as possible.

    Here are my questions for you all..
    1. Beyond the iconic images of Glacier NP, where are other recommended
    photogenic spots?
    2. What are the best day-hikes/camping/backcountry hiking that may give me
    some opportunities of exploring areas "less-travelled" and take photos "rarely-
    taken"? Any ideas/thoughts are very welcome
    3. Are there any good areas around Glacier NP that is worth a visit? I have
    seen from my past experiences that sometimes less-known smaller parks/natural
    areas beyond the big NP produce the image that I am looking for. Where should
    I go if I want to give it a chance this time?
    4. Oh yes-- please recommend the best campsites in Glacier (from a
    photographer's standpoint)
    5. Is there a good photographers' guide for the area?

    I know that there are more than enough experiences and insights in this
    community to answer all my will hope for the best. Thank you
    very much for your time in advance
  2. I will probably be there at the end of July as well.

    Here is one hike that I am realyl looking forward to.
  3. There are many great hikes in the park, I like the Many Glacier area the best. Try Grinnell Glacier Trail and Iceburg Lake trail. There is also the Hidden Lake Trail at the Logan Pass. You will see alpine lakes in very majestic settings. I have also hiked the Peigan Pass Trail, you will ascend high above the Going To the Sun road and get a great view of Jackson Glacier area; once you reach the Peigan Pass, the view changes as you look into Cataract Creek.
  4. It is some years since we did this, so do some research to see if anything has changed before making an absolute decision... You did not say whether you were planning to go into Canada, but one of the "iconic" images is of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton, which is in Canada. We once camped in the Watertown campground, and it is awful. The wind starts at the bottom of the lake and builds until it howls through the strong it blew steaks off the plate and pulled out all the tent pegs in the night. Locals tell me it is always windy in Waterton, and the one time I was there that it wasn't, the wasps were terrible. In short, I suggest if you are going into Waterton, either make it a day trip, or camp somewhere other than the Waterton campground.

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