Glacier national park's current fall status?

Discussion in 'Nature' started by chin_keong_tan, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm planning to drive up to Glacier National Park this weekend (Sep15-18).
    Anybody knows what's the current fall status now?

  2. Keep an eye out for a red pickup with a canopy. I should be there this weekend as well,
    driving from Oregon. Area looks good. Check out the webcams on the national park site. Also
    be reminded that the going to the sun road closes on sunday night the 16th.
  3. "Also be reminded that the going to the sun road closes on sunday night the 16th."
    Man, that suck's -- I was planning on heading that way later in the month. I guess I'll have to head for Yellowstone or Sequoia instead...
  4. You never said where you are coming FROM, there are many other border crossings if you want to come into Canada

    here is a link to the Glacier park website that will give you all the latest info.
  5. Also be aware that Glacier could be buried by 6 feet of snow any day now.
  6. I planned a trip to Glacier in 1984 and arrivedin Bozemen September 8th. Never made it to glacier as it began to snow over 5,000 feet and in three days there was 5 feet of snow on the ground.

    Last year I went but this was the last week of August. forest fires hazed the view on some days but most of the time it was pristine with one grey day that was awesome.

    While there I got to speak with some Glacier regulars and they said that the last week of reliable weather ended about September 5th.

    Winter comes early to the Mountains in the northern latitudes.
  7. Thanks everyone. I'm driving from Boise, Idaho. Found this site on the current road and weather conditions in montana:

    That should be useful for anyone going to Glacier.

    I read that September is a good time for viewing the fall colors at Glacier. Any comments?
  8. your back by now, hope you had a fun trip. the last week of september and the first of october usualy are the best for fall colors, it can go well in to october but then again it can end in an instant with a deep snow followed by high winds. . . right now things are shaping up very nicely, looking out my window as we speak and it's raining like heck on the east side. The colors are really starting to brighten up now, should be good by next week. . .
  9. as of september 19th, it's snowing like mad, two inches of new on the ground at east glacier, and I'm sure an easy foot of more in the high country. It's been raining/snowing since yesteday and VERY VERY hard at times. I'm sure that this storm would have shut down logan pass if it were not already closed. . .
  10. In Glacier, it can snow at any time, year around, and going anywhere there without rain gear
    is asking for trouble. August seems to be the latest for good weather, but there are no
    guarantees even then. Personally, I would not go to the trouble to make the trip if traveling
    the Going To The Sun Highway not a possibility. At the summit on that hwy, from the visitors
    center is hiking trail that offers spectacular views, as well as a great opportunity to view
    wildlife. Good luck.
  11. get here now and over the next week or so, the colors are really coming on now!!!! forget logan this time of year anyway, shoot the fall colors with the snow capped mountains! It just snowed again on sunday, things are really starting to get good here in the park!!!

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