Giveaway ! Red Minolta srt201 50mm 1.7 rokkor lens

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by erko_podbicanin, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. After I have been given cameras , lenses and other photography (film) stuff , I have something to give away . I have given cameras before , but never over internet to someone who I don't know . Of course shipping is free in USA .
    I have also given the camera that Mr. Currie gave it to me , but still have the lense.
    I do not need to write anything about this camera or the lense , I am sure that everyone knows plenty about it and is so much info already available online .
    I do not have the mercury battery needed for the meter , so who ever wants this camera better have meter app on their cell or lightmeter .
    Camera came to me in bad shape . I cleaned it up , removed faded and chipped black paint and replaced it with red paint inside the engraved lettering on the case . Replaced the old vinyl with nice red leather (you might want wear gloves when handling camera if you want to keep that leather nice and clean ).
    So , send me your name address and I'll ship it to you .
    Pictures ( first two pictures taken with old oly E300 + adapter+58mm rokkor 1.4)
  2. I am interested. I am sending an email.
  3. Camera will be shipped to Jon in S.C. , who emailed me first . I'll ship it first thing in the morning . Enjoy.
  4. I think you have done a wonderful thing at a wonderful time of year. May you and yours have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
  5. Nice restoration and very generous. Meter should work fine with a zinc air cell.
  6. Erko, Thanks for sending the camera. I will be going through some of my camera equipment after the holidays and will give some things away too.
  7. Erko - This is a nice gift. I agree with Mike that a Wein cell is fine for this camera. I use them with my SR T-101. Just remember to replace the green tape after each use.
  8. @Robert , Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too !! Thank you.
    @Mike , Thank you.
    @Jon , you are welcome .I emailed you the tracking #.

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