Gitzo rubber leg tip replacement

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by color, May 31, 2010.

  1. I realized recently that one of the rubber legs tips of my Gitzo tripod was missing. In looking for replacement tips I did some research online, called B&H camera (who didn't have them), and finally found what looks like exact replacements. I found them online on the site of a hardware company ( hardwarestore...). There's a photo on their webpage showing them and they appear to be identical to mine. The sizes look like they match up to the diameter of the leg section that they go on. The cost for a set of four 5/8" tips, including shipping to my house in the US southwest is a little over $8. They have a variety of sizes and quantities in stock, so this might be a good source for you even if your tripod has larger diameter bottom tubes than mine. I'm going to attach a photo I took this morning of my 2 remaining leg tips. I found that the leg tips I have left pull off very easily. They don't seem to have a shape that's made to stay on the legs securely. I was surprized that an $800 tripod would have such a poorly chosen part on what is otherwise a very nice piece of equipment.
    My plan is to glue on the replacement tip when I get it and the other two remaining ones and keep the rest for spares. I recommend that you consider doing the same thing if you have a Gitzo tripod.
  2. Update: I just got back from my local hardware store and bought three of these for less than $3. They are identical to the ones still on my tripod.
  3. Chuck, rather than using a permenant glue on them, try brushing a little of rubber cement on the will stick them on, but allow removal if you need.
  4. Hi Vick,
    Thanks for your feedback, but my plan is to use siliconized rubber caulk. It's very tough and a good adhesive. It will need to be cut off, but that's a tradeoff I'm willing to make for security: I'm planning on going overseas for a vacation this summer and I don't want to be in village in a foreign country and discover that my tripod has lost a leg tip.
  5. What you show in this illustration are rubber crutch tips, which will not fit securely unless cemented in place. If this is indeed what you found originally, you were cheated. Small wonder one or more fell off in use.
    The original Gitzo rubber tips fit inside the legs very tightly. If moistened with a little water and glycerine, they can be inserted easily, however. You can order a set of tips from Gitzo for about $6.
    It is not necessary to cement them in place, nor would I recommend doing so. That would make them difficult to replace if damaged (as happened to me when one leg dragged on the ground when I was moving my gear on a warehouse cart).
  6. Thanks Edward. I'll check with Gitzo for new tips.
  7. Check your tripod model. I have several CF sets of legs that all have tips that screw in, and I have used Loctite since one tried to escape. The attachment is metal to metal.
  8. There are several types of rubber tips used by Gitzo. Older aluminum and most CF tripods use plug type tips that fit inside the legs, and are not easily removeable. Tripods with screw-in metal spikes use tips that fit over the spikes, line the ones shown but with a smaller bore. Finally, my 6x tripods have rubber tips with metal fittings that screw into metal fittings on the legs. They can be replaced with spikes, but the tips themselves are permanently attached to the metal part. These have to be checked regularly for tightness, and possibly held in place with semi-permanent Loc-Tite adhesive (blue, as I recall).
    None, however, fit over the outside of the leg.

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