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  1. I'm a relatively new Gitzo 1542T owner. The 1542T is designed to be usable both with and without the centre post. I've practiced taking the centre post in and out a few times, and I'm not sure reassembling the tripod correctly. When I extend the centre post, it slides right back down. I can't seem to make it lock in place, even when I twist the twist-lock collar at the base of the centre post (it looks similar to the twist lock on the tripod legs). When I use the tube shaped thing on the centre column, I can make the centre column stay in place when it is extended. However, when I look at photos on the internet, it looks as the the centre column is meant to stay extended without using the tube shaped thing.

    For some reason the tripod did not come with diagrams or a manual, and as a result I can't be confident of my attempts at reassembling the tripod.
  2. I would venture to say that you absolutely need the owner's manual especially since I see that this folding design is relatively new. Center columns on my older aluminum traveler model has collets or rubber rings that lock down really tight. So maybe there is a method or direction to re insert the center column that we do not know about. Where to get the manual if it did not come in the box? Contact the Manfrotto company by any means and see if they can e mail you a PDF. I see some user groups provide what purport to be manuals. Better to go after the company and while it is under warranty. I found this item on line : GITZO User manual | I would prefer get the CD or PDF direct from Manfrotto. Something does not jell right if the column will not hold really tight with the collett rings just as with the legs. Good solid company, Try the contact approach.
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