Girl on a beach

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  1. Out with the boys?
    You go girl.....

  2. Yes, as have many others.
    The Beach Boys
    The Bedford Boys
    The Boys of Pointe Du Hoc
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  3. Boys/men, in general, haven’t experienced the same degree of discrimination, the same numbers of rapes, the same inability to vote until the 20th century as girls/women. Seeing men as boys in a diminishing and disrespectful way doesn’t have as full a history as seeing women as girls, though if you ask many black men if they’d like to be called “boy,” you might get an earful because of their perspective on the history of the use of “boy.”

    In any case, a music group from the 1960s called The Beach Boys or even a more contemporary group so named would seem to have very little to do with a thread referring to women as girls in 2018-2020.

    “Girl” and “boy” are counterparts but let’s not pretend they’re equivalent in how they’ve been used.
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  4. You might want to revisit the fact that my post was a reply to the post of another from a while ago.
    You had plenty of time to make the same point then but chose not to.

    Funny that.
    The lady doth protest too much, methinks
  5. The post you were responding to was making a reasonable, if not perfect, point and was said with good intentions. Yours was neither making a good point nor in good faith. That’s why my response was stimulated by your post and not by wogears.
  6. And, yes, the slur is clear. Thanks for showing your true colors.
  7. Nice try but that dog won’t hunt.
    It is a Shakespeare quote.
    Apparently he didn’t get your memo.
    The eternal egalitarian dilemma of the perpetually offended.
    Everything is a “slur”.
    Lighten up
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  8. No.
    It was a simple direct question directed specifically to me.
    Mine was a direct answer to that direct question.
    Read it again and quit making things up.
    You aren’t nearly as close to the center of everyone’s universe as your posts indicate you think.
  9. There are more important things these days for me to worry about than Internet jerks, so ... IGNORE.
  10. Freedom of association is a beautiful thing.
  11. I didn't realize that the whole history of discrimination, diminishment and the dark sides of exploitation of women, is expressed through the use of "girls" in this thread. Really? I have women friends who call themselves girls. Some women don't like it and I respect that too. But then I've been pretty much self-isolated for the last couple of weeks so I may be getting batty and jumping at things.
  12. It’s not and I didn’t say it was.

    I said the history of discrimination against women is a reason “girls” is not equivalent to “boys.” I didn’t say that history was encapsulated in this thread. I’m surprised that wasn’t plain to you. Just as the history of black men is not encapsulated in the word “boy.” There was slavery, lynching, there’s blatant racism and discrimination to this day. And, because there’s a history of “boy” being used to diminish black men, I wouldn’t use it to refer to a black guy, even though I’m well aware there are certain times black guys might say it to each other.

    Like you, I know women who wouldn’t mind being called “girls” in many contexts, but in others they’d be offended. This is a site mainly populated by older men. Peri’s photos, in particular, are of a type. It’s not hard imagining those same women friends of mine rolling their eyes when coming across this thread.
  13. Much Ado About Nothing.
    The Cult of Victimhood.
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  14. Joining the fray if that"s alright. There is a beach, really, below the rocks. Capurganá, Colombia.

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  15. Same girl, different beach

  16. Pretty Girl
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  17. Same girl, one more beach: Isla Providencia, Colombia:

  18. "Case closed, LMAO." MO must be bored.
    Juvenile silliness... from the same definitive source ... 1.7 million results for 'woman on beach'. So that must prove that woman is preferred by photographers at the beach.
    The differences are even more notable when 'at the beach' is removed from the search.
  19. You got the “LMAO” part....

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