Gimbal Head Recommendations

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by rwa757, Nov 12, 2017.

  1. Looking for some input on medium priced (150-250$) gimbal heads. The 500$ Wimberley is not in the budget!
  2. Assuming you are buying new, the only gimbal head that I know of in that price range is the Manfrotto. It's not a bad gimbal head, but it's not as smooth as a Wimberley.

    I've owned both but packing a full gimbal head is too unwieldly. I prefer the versatility of a reliable ballhead (I have an A/S Monoball Z1) complemented by a Wimberley Sidekick ($250 new). That's what I would recommend, assuming you already have a sturdy ballhead. Also, note that the best gimball in the world is not going to do any good if you have a wobbly tripod, so make sure you've got a good tripod as well.
  3. I have a relatively inexpensive Neewer gimbal, and was amazed at how well it works for long lens work.
    For any moving target/subject it works much better (for me) than a ball head or a loose pan head.

    As it currently is, I would NOT recommend the Neewer gimbal. They use a STICKY STIFF grease that makes it VERY HARD to move.
    I had to clean and regrease the upper bearing, but could not open the lower bearing to regrease it. Lighter fluid made it easier to move, but not as good as a regrease.

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