Giants selling Leicas

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  1. Is this guy a giant, or is this auction fishy? 2977407695
  2. I'd love to see the guy who slips him a bad check.
  3. Are you asking if the is a legitimate deal or a scam? From what I see this is a legitmate sale and the price is a steal! Buy it! He has a 100% positive feedback. If I had the cash in the bank I would get it before this comment is posted. the only really big problem I see is if there might be some major repairs if the body is not working, but it might be worth the cost. Please let me know what you do.
  4. PS: I have noticed that many sellers are becoming much more cautious due to dishonest buyers, and vise versa. A seven day payment is not unreasonable. A "no personal check" policy is not unreasonable. When I sell on eBay, I take only postal money orders or PayPal. I have experienced many more problems lately.

    This sad old world of ours is truly filled with a multitude of scamers!
  5. tgh


    I can't tell how big the rest of him is, but he's got huge hands alright. The length of his thumbnail is roughly the same as the diameter of the wind knob, which mine is too, except my thumb isn't nearly as big around.
  6. 2 items: This fellow could probably kill you with one swipe; The next worst thing after scams on E-bay are the scammer buyers and folks who try to change their mind at the last moment on major buys, such as used cars, even when the vehicle is honestly presented with its flaws. My brother and I have had at least 3 true jerks (neurotic flakes probably describes them better) in the last year, where they wanted a silk purse for the price of a sow's ear...In one case my brother spent over $1500 on a new rear axle and custom fabricated driveshaft AFTER the purchase and all the fellow could was complain about his motel bill for 2 days while we worked flat out to fix the truck after finding this serious defect, i.e. we wanted to make sure he was a satisfied customer.
  7. At least he was complaining about something major, like a vehicle. You should read the crap my girlfriend has to put up with from people buying a $15 vintage dress from her.

    Nothing but idiots in this world.
  8. BIG hands indeed...I do alot of ebay stuff and thankfully most folks are nice and
    honest, BUT every now and then I run into some real pieces of work. Some folks
    minds just don't tick right I think :) oh well , at least most of them are sane:)
  9. I always love it when they put this in their ad:

    'We will let the experts on ebay decide'

    Now where did I put that 3/4 scale 90mm Summicron?
  10. I just put my ladies size thumb where his was on my IIIf and it looks to me like he has a normal sized mans thumb. Mine takes up quite a bit of space because this camera is really quite petite as opposed to the M series and later. That's what I like about it...fits in the purse even with a VC finder and a VC meter on a double accessory shoe.
  11. You know, they used to call the first Leicas "miniature cameras" -- probably because most other photographers from that period were using some type of folding roll-film or plate-film camera.

    The screw-mount Leicas are relatively small compared with the M. Wonderful machines, all of them.
  12. I never buy from people who say things like "I'm selling this for a friend and know nothing about it". Or, as in this case, it was left to me (there seem to be a lot of these "heirlooms" on ebay).

    Nothing against this particular guy, or this sale, but when people say things like that in the listing it makes me very wary.
  13. The only thing fishy about the auction is the comment about his father and WWII. This camera didn't exist during the war.

  14. <<My father went into WWII as a photographer and came out as a mechanic. He has had this camara in his dresser drawer for as many years as I can remember. H used to bring it out and show it to us when we were kids, I dont think he shot more than a few rolls of film with it ever. The camara and all its attachments are as near mint as I think you will ever find. The only flaw is that the front of the leather cover has came unstiched from us looking at it.>>

    Oh brother. Yeah, I believe you pal. Right. That last sentence just boosts it right over the top.
  15. I wouldnt trust this guy - he's got hairy palms.
  16. I don't see any indication of fraud at all. It's a small camera. He may have large hands.

    As for the WWII story, he may simply be mistaken. My grandfather was in WWII and took a ton of photos in Europe. He had several cameras during and after the war, but I have no idea which ones he took his WWII shots with. It's not particularly hard to imagine somebody being mistaken about the details of a story he heard as a child from his father, possibly several decades ago.
  17. Actually, now that I read the ad, he never claimed the camera was from WWII. Some of you need some better reading comprehension skills.
  18. Someone should track down this guy and pass along his address to Leica USA.

    They could use his hands to great advantage when it comes time to shoot the "HANDS" advertising picture for the Digilux-2 - making it look the size of a IIIc.
  19. Regarding WWII, he didn't actually say that that was the war his daddy went to. Could have been Korea. Could have been Vietnam.
  20. "He has had this camara in his dresser drawer for as many years" The thing has obviusly been sitting around in an unused drawer for 50 years, got damp and shrunk - cummon guys you should have worked this out!
  21. i worked in a factory once with this guy named Malgazini.He had huge
    hands.his wedding band was size 18 and was literally choking his finger.Mabey its the same guy

  22. About eBay:

    They claim no responsibility for ANYTHING.

    You are essentially buying something from a stranger on a street corner and
    the meet was set up by someone you'll never speak to or see.

    Only exception is someone known to be reputable with a list of credits as long
    as your arm.

    Just be careful, always, with eBay.

    I know it can happen here ( but in the last 10 years using,
    I never had a bad transaction and made a lot on friendly contacts.

  23. The ebay listing has vanished!
  24. Maybe because this thread is two years old and resurrected for what reason?
  25. To confuse me?

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