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    I'm not sure what GHQ, the sponsor of this forum, actually does? I went to
    their site and it seems like a newspaper ad site. Am I missing something?
  2. Seems like a clearinghouse for news releases.
  3. GHQ is a publisher for wedding and event photographers.

    Similar to the way that newspapers publish wedding announcements, GHQ enables
    photographers to make wedding announcements on their clients behalf.

    All the photographer has to do is use the "post announcement" page, to enter the simple
    details of the wedding and post one or two quality photo's.

    It is a new concept and will take some time to develop and fill with content.

    The benefit to the clients is that their friends and family who may be interstate or abroad
    can see the announcement and photo's without delay.

    The announcement can, if the photographer wishes, link through to the photographers
    own web-site.

    The benefit to the photographer is that they can display their work and obtain full credit
    and referral links. This is not currently possible via the newspapers or newspaper web

    There are other facilities such as congratulations and a gallery facility for each
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    And how do they plan on making money? I am always dubious of anything without a clear source of income! Especially when they've paid big bucks for a three letter domain and sponsership!
  5. The aim of GHQ is to be a service to photographers and their public. It is not about
    money and big bucks. I apologize if the site gives that impression.

    Perhaps I should illustrate how it started. I have been fascinated with the computer since
    1982 and the internet since 1994, seeing both as a fabulous way of being creative and
    allowing communication amongst people worldwide. I acquired the domain name in 2000
    and since then have been experimenting with various communication methods on the
    In March 2006, I met Steve Landers and he added some fabulous creative and
    programming skills and the site is a result. We hope that it becomes a central point where
    all photographers can now post news direct to the world, if they or their clients so wish.

    Money and big bucks: It is not a plan to make money per se other than that required to
    keep the service going for ever. I acquired the domain name in 2000 for a very reasonable
    sum of money. The sponsorship of the domain is a cost, however it is the best way of
    getting our message out to photographers. Please evaluate the service and help us to get
    it going. Please be assured that their is no hidden catch, charges or anything of a dubious
    nature to the service.
  6. Thanks for the feedback on the site from the community at .

    The feedback recommended that we increased the value to the photographer.

    Firstly by increasing the visibility and credit to the photographer for each announcement.
    Secondly by eliminating the "ads" beside the announcements. Thirdly by simplifying the site
    and eliminating confusion as to what it is about.

    We will implement all those changes this week. Many thanks for your contributions.

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