Ghost Shadow...mwahahahahahhaahaha

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  1. I have no idea if this is in the right place or not but I couldn't find any place else that seemed more appropriate. One of my hobbies is to investigate the paranormal...I was given permission to post this picture here because the owner believes it may be paranormal in nature. I actually am quite sure it isn't and have tried to explain why but my photography vocabulary is limited and I can't answer the questions that come back fully. One of his biggest questions is why IF this line around the body is a shadow isn't the shadow around things that are even closer to the walls? The camera is a pentax optio 5vi 5 megapixel and a flash was used. Could anyone here give me a reasonable explaination that I can take back to this individual WITHOUT judging the belief or disbelief in the paranormal?? :) Thanks in advance! Laurie
  2. Simple answer, Laurie: light travels in a straight line. The flash on the camera was below the lens, and at the lower plane cast the shadow higher on the wall. Sorry, a paranormal explanation would've been a lot more fun.
  3. The picture seems not to be loading at the moment.

    Good luck on persuading anyone on something like that. I recall reading long ago of the people "who thought wrestling was real and the moon landings were fake". And the post reminds me of the "Moon Landing Hoax" show that was on a while back.
  4. I have to wonder that anyone would even suspect this of being a paranormal phenomenon. It looks like a shadow. Shadows happen all the time. In this case the photographer turned the camera 90 degrees so the built-in flash was below the line of the lens, hence producing the flash shadow that you see.

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