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  1. I just thought this was funny. Canon white lens owners will appreciate the first shot.
  2. These are hilarious!
  3. I especially liked the one of the mother taking a photo with a camera that was around the kid's neck - so the kid has to stand on tippy-toe while mom shoots in order to avoid getting choked by the strap.
    As for the first shot with the photographer with the half dozen 800mm lenses or whatever they are, if I could afford those lenses, I'd hire a sherpa to carry 'em for me! I often work with two cameras around my neck, but what that lady's doing is ridiculous.
  4. I'm sure the lady with all the cameras was just doing that for the shot. I doubt anyone actually works that way!
  5. ive seen that picture with the lady and the lenses.. shes a wildlife photographer, which explains all the long lenses that she has, but yes, she was posing for her friend
  6. the link on the page to that dark roasted webpage with more of those photos was great!
  7. Extremes..?
  8. That woman with the strap around her kid's neck is using external image stabilization!

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