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  1. I'd like to know the exact second (or even tenth of a second, but this isn't as necessary) that a shot is taken.
    The reason is I want to see how true the shutter actuations are to what interval I'm asking my 5DmIII to take them at during time lapse sequences.
    I've looked at the EXIF data in Finder on a mac, however neither "Get info" nor "More info" anything more exact than the minute of the exposure.
    Please let me know if I've overlooked a setting somewhere in the menu. Would prefer to avoid having to buy additional EXIF reading software if possible.
    In case a Magic Lantern user happens to browse this post, kindly advise if ML can provide me a solution here. I'm uninitiated.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you want sub second accuracy, shoot pictures of a clock/watch/stopwatch with a sweet second hand (or digital display). Presumably once you've calibrated things in this way they will stay the same. Almost any time lapse system will be based on digital timing so my guess is that it will be very accurate.
    Canon EXIF data records the time to the nearest second anyway.
  3. Both FastStone and IrfanView display the time to the nearest second when I look at my images from my Canon cameras.
  4. Exiftool can display those embedded times to the second also.
  5. Spearhead

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    Both FastStone and IrfanView​

    He's got a Mac. These only run on Windows.

    Preview gives you the time down to the second. If you open the file in Preview and click on Tools and Show Inspector, you get the time.

    You can also get it with Lightroom and Photoshop.
  6. jpk


    Did you try Canon software supplied with a camera? In my opinion it's the easiest and the most accurate way to read exif data form Canon files.
    And you don't have to buy it... :)
  7. Jack, I tried getting Canon's ImageBrowser but it doesn't run on anything after OSX 10.8. I have 10.10.
    Jeff, that works. It would be ideal to be able to see a list of the files with the times of each shot one after another, but at least I'm able to confirm my suspicion about how often the shutter is really activated with my time lapse gear.
    When I get it, I'll try both PS & LR.
    Thanks for the answers.

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