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  1. the forum says I have messages. That's great. How do I get them? How do I read them?
  2. Can you specify what you’re seeing and where that is telling you there are messages?

    If you are in the forum section of the site and you do have messages, click on the INBOX link next to your screen name in the upper right of this page. A drop down menu should appear with your lates messages, or click on the ALL CONVERSATIONS link and you should see them.
  3. Click on 'Inbox'.
  4. Here's what I see. 9 messages but nothing in the inbox. Capture 1.JPG
  5. Let me think this through. I have likes and comments. Now are the comments an expansion or a "comment" included with the like?
  6. Messages are posts. You have now posted 11 times to various threads
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  7. William Michael

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    It is as Ludmilla wrote.

    Expanding - in different areas of the site these are the different words which refer to "Posts".

    When your Avatar is in view on a page, like mine is below, you can see "Messages" - which is the combined total of 'Threads' you have started (i.e. AKA as 'the original post') and 'Posts' you have contributed to existing threads -


    When you click on an Avatar, then in the Pop up you see "Messages" - and that is the same as above -

    Additionally you also see a link (in bold) "Postings" - which is also the same and that link opens the list of those 'postings'/messages'.


    Opening that list, under 'Postings' you see this -
    Notice how the 'postings'/'messages' are divided into 'Post' and 'Thread'


    If you go to a User's Home Page, then you see the Link "Post" with the icon of a stick pin above it - clicking on that you see another list -

    Different words, all referring to the same.

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  8. Otherwise known as synopnyms!
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