Gettin 3 Flashes to fire all at once

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by miss.annette_leigh_haynes, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. using a Nikon F how do I get three Vivitar 283's to fire all at once? If I use Vivitar SL-2 the if anybody fires a flash my flashes will all react at the same time any cheap ideas how to resolve this issue.
  2. There are a few cheap radio triggers to be had on ebay - most of them have four channels so the same problem as before arises only when there are more than three other photographers in the same room using radio triggers. Cables are the only solution that guarantees that your flashes only fire when you want them to - if they are still in the position you intended them to be though ;-).
  3. Of the cheap radio triggers, I heard the best things about the Yongnuo RF-602. They are available on Amazon now (~US$40). They have 15 channels. The English translation is horrible, almost useless (but several people on the forums are using them so you can probably get any questions answered here).
    I don't see one specifically for Nikon F, but the flash trigger should work with any camera. Worst case you would need to use a pc sync cord to the trigger. The camera shutter release cable may only work on the Nikon D series, not sure (but this is not necessary for what you want to do).
    I bought 3. The quality seemed good to me, so I have 2 more on order.
    If I was a professional, I would get Pocket Wizards. As a amateur, I can't justify the cost.
  4. The RF-602 will do what you want. I fire up to eight Nikon SB-28 flash using radio triggers. Mine are CyberSyncs.
    Kent in SD
  5. Am using the RF 602s as well, 2xSB28, 1xSB600. Works perfectly, apart from the loss of HSS. Alternatively, if this is in a dark-ish place, how about using optical triggers?
  6. Yes, I think cheap radio triggers is the way to go. Optical triggers would present the same problem, as in the flashes will fire upon detection of flashes by other photographers.

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