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  1. buddies.jpg Here's a spontaneous, non directed photo of two friends of mine who were roomates. I love their chosen postures and the natural use of their hands. I love the curve of the woman on the right as she leans on her friend in a very relaxed manner.
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  2. Steve, really down to earth and unassuming captures. Makes me feel relaxed looking at them.

    It's probably wishful thinking to imagine anybody else will provide a quote from an obscure writer to explain how it can be defined as a symbolic gesture.
  3. Do not give a thumbs up or a circle with your thumb and forefinger (means A-okay here) in Russia.
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    I'm picking up a bit of (visual) tension there the way the woman on our left has locked hands in order to sit like that and support her friend.
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    i feel the opposite. neither of those sitting positions(poses) looks very comfortable to me.

    boys and young men always used to able to sit crossed-leg (proving they weren't wearing skirts :) ) which is another way of sitting that doesn't do you any good long term
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    more clenched fists. did the sculptor have this in mind?


  7. One of the most mysterious semi-speculations is, one would suppose, that of one Mind's imagining into another.
    John Keats, Marginalia to Paradise Lost

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    imagining, not melding, is so pre-spock
  9. I wasn't really examining the image as thoroughly as you've outlined. I was making a blanket statement about what I've come to know of Steve's portraits in past discussions and views of his portrait gallery. But you're right about the tension in how the two women have set their pose according to how they're positioned or posed together on what looks like a hardwood floor. The one on the right seems to have adjusted them self for a more comfortable position.

    Every time I revisit Steve's portraits after years away I come up with more refined descriptions of the magic I see in them. Before I posted I made a list of what it is about his portraits that are so oddly striking. Here's a few...

    Steve's portraits...

    ...have the subject looking at YOU, not the other way around.

    ...deceptively look like the picture that came with the frame where the subject's eyes appear to follow you around the room only because they care about you.

    ...makes you want to sell all your belongings and join whatever commune that makes his subjects look at you that way.

    ...have a gaze you'ld imagined from those greeting you at the Pearly Gates.
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    it's a great photo, no doubt, and open to many interpretations and in a different symbols thread i might have read it differently. of course the sitting positions are highly suggestive but here, i also see one hand clutching the other and one hand fidgeting with the other and that spells, to me, tension.

    (see, Julie, we are learning summink)
  11. On a second look the person on the left is clinching her finger to keep her legs from collapsing as her roommate on the right puts her weight on the other's knee for support.

    I've sat that way watching TV and it can get quite uncomfortable. I've even slightly hurt my finger joint clutching my legs too long sitting that way. It also didn't feel good on the lower back after a while.

    Tension? (assuming you mean personally between the two)? Or are they both hurting a bit sitting in an uncomfortably posed position?

    The contrasting facial expressions between the two does suggest a possible personal tension going on.
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    i think the tension is a physical thing but who knows…
  13. It is a bit fun reading into and projecting a backstory in an image.

    My brother and I when we were kids passing the time during boring summers to amuse our self we'ld flip through the pages of JC Penny catalog modeled clothes section and make up stories and lines of dialog with funny sounding voices to create made up tension between the models staring blankly into space as if they're thinking out loud and conspiring against the other models who may not look as hot and sophisticated.

    Boy! Could we make our self laugh doing that.
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  14. Old Dorothea definitely shows she has a "thang" about how she views authoritative looking men vs women with children living in poverty. With the "Back" image she gets low and looks up to make the figure bigger than life but standoff-ish.

    With the Migrant Mother it's one on one eye level. There's your backstory except it's about the photographer instead of the subject photographed.

    I don't know what to make of "The Burial of Leo Tolstoy" since I don't know much about him (and I don't want to know), but I guess he must've been famous or infamous.
  15. Those two seem to work as a pair in regard to feet.

    It would be more comforting if there were a lot of footprints around the child's grave.
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    hands, backs, feet, what next TEETH?
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    or, my favourite, lips and hands

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  18. yeah, teeth
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