Geronar WA 90mm shutter question

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by arne_croell, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. I have a question with regard to the shutter used for the Geronar WA
    90mm lens that Rodenstock produced as economy wide angle for a while
    (it was also sold under the Caltar brand name). Rodenstock lists it
    with a no. 1 shutter. I have heard, but could not confirm so far, that
    it was a special version having a larger thread for the back cell than

    Regular Copal no. 1 shutters use M40x0.75 for the front cell, and
    M36x0.75 at the back. Supposedly, the Geronar WA might have used a
    version with M40x0.75 for both front and back (which would also mean a
    different diameter for the male thread to mount the lens on the board
    - the normal no.1 is M39). If anybody has this lens, or has used one,
    could you check if it really has this different thread? (An easy check
    would be to try to screw the front cell into the back). Thanks,


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