Genuine Or Counterfeit BP-511A Battery?

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  1. I purchased two "100% brand new high quality Canon BP-511A Li-Ion Battery Pack(s)" from here:

    The photo below shows the front and back of the two packages. Both packages had different instruction sheets shown. I have shown on the left and centre two OEM Canon batteries. The battery on the right is from the eBay auction site. The left battery cover belongs to one of the OEM batteries. The right battery cover without the battery cutout belongs to the battery from the auction site.

    I am waiting for the seller to explain the differences in the battery shown in the photos on the auction site and the one I received.

    I will post two close up photos below this post. Please tell me if the eBay battery is counterfeit.
  2. Here is a closer view of the two genuine Canon BP-511A's and the eBay BP-511A.
  3. Here is a close up of the eBay BP-511A. Notice the "Europe Only" label?
    Is this a counterfeit battery?
  4. First off, great shots.
    The fact it says Japan and comes in Canon pkg is the holy grail for me.
    If it had said China, well not much needs to be said there.
    Back when I started with the new 30D in 05, and other models needing the same battery, I purchased a case of BP511 batteries 2000mAh.
    I forget the source off hand, but will update if known.
    Funny, on the back of the battery it says Premium cells from Japan, Made in China.
    They have performed better than the original Canon's that died while in Europe. I was a bit upset.
    The Europe only label, is somewhat confusing. Like it was charger voltage specific. Doubtful. Decent price too. I noticed they are 1390mAh.
  5. Not counterfeit, but aftermarket 511A batteries.....I've had nothing but good results.
    Several suppliers. I just wish there was an aftermarket version of the one for the MK5D2/7D
    (can't think of the p/n).
  6. I bought an additional set from ebay, and have had the same results as the batteries that came with my 50D. No difference even though they were packaged and marked different.
  7. Peter,
    They look like counterfeit to me, the poor printing on the blue label is a give away and it doesn't have a CE marking.
    These, if they are non genuine (and I'd put money on that), are counterfeit, they are not just aftermarket batteries, they are labeled and packaged with the intention to decieve. Nobody should get too hung up on labeled and non labeled batteries etc but if the aftermarket ones are labeled with the intention to pass off as genuine then that makes them counterfeit.
    I choose to use aftermarket, but that is my choice, if I wanted to pay a premium for OEM ones then I'd be annoyed if I didn't get them.
  8. Thanks for your replies.
    Phil Trites : I needed to show detail and used my Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM. The "Min. 1300 mAh 9.7 Wh" also was perplexing.
    Bill Morrow : I have a couple of older Optex and Powwer aftermarket batteries. The Optex is 1400 mAh and is made in China. The Powwer (I believe is made by Sterling) is 1800 mAh and is also made in China. Both batteries are about 3 years old and currently are not holding a charge. My first OEM made in Japan battery from 2007 is still holding it's charge.
    John Slaughterbeck : Do you remember the eBay seller where you purchased from and for how much?
    Scott Ferris : I agree. The batteries in question are missing the "CE" listing. The aforementioned Optex and Powwer batteries are labeled "CE" which gives me more peace of mind.
    To conclude. Since the batteries are not labeled "CE ", I will discontinue their use because of the increased probability of the batteries melting or exploding in the OEM charger. The probability of the batteries leaking inside my OEM vertical grip and worse, my 5D, is also high. I paid less than $16 for each battery. No sense shipping them back for a refund. The cost of shipping (and bubble envelope) will not make it worthwhile. Lesson learned.
  9. I've purchased and used both originals and aftermarket. The aftermarket seem to work as well as the originals. I totally agree with Scott as to your situation. If you were misled into thinking they were the real thing I'd be more than annoyed.
  10. I personally recommend getting any kind of batteries on eBay only from a known (to you, major company) and long-term seller.
    Otherwise, Google™ up outfits like CTA who sell their own brand after-market batteries. Sometimes they actually have higher specs than the Canon originals. (I can't recommend Opteka, however: they are the only ones that have died after relatively brief periods of use).
    BTW, if the name itself is phony, how can you depend on inscriptions indicating country of origin, etc.?
  11. JDM von Weinberg : I looked at your CTA link and went to their BP-511A battery. The label is missing the "CE " listing. I would prefer to buy the "CE " listed aftermarket battery here:
    One would only know if the name is phony if one purchases, in this case, the battery. The country of origin is merely a country of profile. Realistically, merely similar to racial profiling, unfortunately. To reinforce my point, the link I provided imply that their batteries are not like the "regular Chinese" batteries.
  12. Have you read this thread?
  13. Bob Atkins : No I haven't. Thanks. I will walk away from this experience and buy from I've bought from them before for my PowerShot and G series cameras without problems. Sigh.
  14. It sucks to be had. Looking at the hologram in the ad on Ebay you can tell (only because I've got the real Canon one in front of me) that they're fake. Please don't take offense to this, but what did you expect for $15?
    I think there are a LOT of people out there who believe they have real Canon batteries, but have conterfeit batteries. Judging by some of the comments about short life of "Canon" batteries, I'll bet a lot of them are fake and the owners don't realize it. I would not have realized that I purchased counterfeit batteries if I didn't do some research (spurred by negative comments on
    All we can do is spread the word.
  15. Luke Ty : No offense taken. The seller's ad depicted an OEM battery similar to what I have. I took a chance. I would rather lose $32 than $132. That is why I am not as angry.
    This was the seller's response to my question:

    It's genuine OEM battery, there's no difference to use it except bargain, please try it.


    - eternalmart
  16. To put an end to this after I accused the eBay seller of "bait & switch" practices; here is his response:

    I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. Our batteries may have little difference with different batches, hope you can understand, thank you.

    Best Regards!
  17. Unless some devious person have used seconds or reject cells inside the battery, all batteries are the same inside, the vast majority of cells are made by Japanese companies who has manufacturing units in China, Thailand etc. You can buy the cells and replace them inside the battery case too, and so refurbish the battery to the same standard as a new. That "genuine" Canon batteries are better is just BS. They have the same cells inside as the "pirates"/competitors. Remember, companies as Canon want your money, not your friendship, and they do just about anything to rip you off. It is the same with the printers. You pay 1,000 times or so more the "Canon ink", but it works the same as the "pirate". I call them VBBs or Very Big Bastards.
  18. Bert, I'm sorry but you're completely wrong.
    I'm sure there are decent aftermarket batteries, but saying they're all the same, or that all the cells are made in Japan is false. I've got some experience with LIPO batteries.
  19. UPDATE: I've obtained a full refund (without having to return the batteries) from the eBay seller after I initiated a complaint through PayPal. PayPal worked in this case!
    Best Buy and Futureshop in Toronto sells non OEM BP-511A batteries for around $33 CAN + taxes.
  20. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    Bert, I'm sorry but you're completely wrong.​
    Can you cite some statistically valid evidence on this. Thank you.
  21. Jeff, I don't have stats. I build and fly lipo powered electric airplanes as a hobby. I've purchased name brand super expensive battery packs, and no name Chinese packs. Some of the Chinese packs are OK. Some are great. Others lasted 4 charges and are kaput.
    When you purchase a counterfeit Canon battery pack, you have NO idea what's inside. Zero, zip nada. You have no idea who built the thing or what they used to build the pack. The people who are willing to copy Canon packaging to a T and try to fool us and charge us top dollar don't care about us as consumers. They're going to use whatever is least expensive. Who knows what kind of QC is inside these counterfeit batteries. Think about it, if you have a problem, you're never going to be able to get in touch with the manufacturer, or let other photographers know which pack to avoid.
    Generic or third party battery packs are another issue completely. Somebody put their name on the battery and we as photographers can tell each other about our experience with said pack because it's different, it has a brand etc. A third party brand could be able to build a reliable reputation. No sweat, I'm all for it. Third party brands might be willing to pay for quality lipo cells. Not so with counterfeit batteries.
    I have one CTA, one no name and two Tech Step 511a battery packs. All are Chinese made. All worked great when new. All are now dead and will not hold a charge. Non were abused, non were charged 100 times. Etc. I would expect more.
    If you're willing to purchase no name/counterfeit etc batteries, no sweat. That's your business. Claiming all lipo cells are made in Japan, or that they're all the same as Canon is bunk and I know this for a fact. Based on my experience flying airplanes and buying lots of lipo battery packs. Anybody willing to copy a genuine product and fool people into paying top dollar has no concern about you as a consumer. They're after money. If you expect them to produce a top notch quality product, I'm afraid you're mistaken.
    I have no issue with Ebay ads that claim "For Canon" etc. Items that look similar are not my concern. It's the blatent rip off counterfeiters out there that have me upset.
  22. A handful of my lipos...
    Modded 12V power supply and 7 lipo chargers;
    I know we're off topic now. I've got a lot of experience with all sorts of rechargable batteries. One of my lipos in action;
    You can either believe me that not all lipos are created equal, or not. :)

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