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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by adrian bastin, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. I wonder how many others have had unpleasant experiences using these
    adaptors, caps etc. Mine are:

    1) A clip in 39mm front lens cap which is deep enough to touch the
    glass of early collapsible Summicrons, and maybe others. I told them
    about this but they are continuing to sell what look like the same

    2) A screw-to-M adaptor with wrongly machined face, making it
    useless. Have just emailed the Co. that sells these.

  2. I expect some modern accessories are internet type items, but older accessories are OK. I've had plastic E36 lens caps that pop off as you watch. You have to laugh.
  3. I didn't run into such stuff yet. OTOH I'm really dissapointed of the poor performance of a current 39mm snap-on cap on B+W filters. - Is this the sales argument for Leica filters? - Wish I could find something to make a reliable makeshift cap from.
  4. There are all sorts of odd 39mm lens caps.
  5. Try the VC 39mm clip on caps. They're built so you can fit them inside the 12585 and other vented leica hoods without removing the hood.
  6. Frederick, thanks, that sounds good.
  7. Jochen Schrey: If you are the doityourself type you can find all kinds of throwaway junk that will, or can be adapted to fit many lenses. Here is a cap made from the lid to a jar of cayenne pepper from McCormicks. I also have some black ones. I like the red one because I don't forget to remove it before exposure. This one in particular fits the 42mm bezel of several Leica lenses as well as some Zeiss and Jupiters. A little imagination as well as investigation will often yeild a solution to an accessory problem at little or no cost other than some effort.
  8. Point with the lens cap was, really, that someone could buy a clip in cap that actually damages a Summicron front lens element instead of protecting it.

    And with the adaptor, half a film of exposures was lost. (this supplier has answered email)

    Moral is: beware no-name accessories. OK, I know, - you could have told me that in the first place.

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