Generally good places for photoshoots?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by justin_b|1, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I'm an amateur photographer and I was just wondering if people could brainstorm their favorite places to do
    photoshoots. So far I have thought of:



    -graffiti wall

    -train tracks

    -abandoned barn houses

    Also if you have pictures from these places that you think would be helpful, if you could post that as well that
    would be great!
  2. Train tracks are considered cliche although I've been guilty more than once [​IMG]
  3. hmm the pic posting has been changed and I'm not sure how to post anymore
  4. let's try it this way

  5. That ones pretty good. Any other ideas anyone?
  6. Photo shoots of what? There is really no favorite place. It all depends on what the photo shoot is about. If you are talking
    about photo shoots with a model (human) then look at John Peri's portfolio. I can think of an infinite number of places. As
    long as you and the model/s are willing you can shoot.
  7. If you're casting about for a place to shoot in, that's a pretty good sign that you don't know what kind of picture you want to get. Figure that out first, and the location will suggest itself. You won't need the whole ball of wax to put together a small setup that suggests exactly what you're after. I still remember a shot I did of Great Gatsby types in a luxury setting. We did try a mansion for background, it didn't work, and the money shot was made in front of a small masoleum in a cemetery, with the models posing extravagantly to cover up the cenotaph.

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