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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by andy_collins|1, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. I am giving away a Canon FT with an FL 50mm f/1.8 lens, absolutely free! The camera works pretty well, although I think the shutter is not opening fully at 1/1000s and possibly 1/500s. The lens is in decent condition but has a ding on the filter ring. I've had this lens sitting around for a while but have never bothered to clean it to see just what kind of shape it's in; I got it with an F-1 that I bought last year and stuck it on the shelf soon after. I think it's fairly clean on the inside and I don't think there's any oil on the blades, but I'm not absolutely sure--but hey, it's free! The light meter works and responds quickly to changing light; I don't have a battery that I can spare though, so you'll have to buy one. The camera definitely needs a good CLA but after having one, it'll be in excellent condition. I have two of these bodies and only want to keep one, so this one is up for grabs. Just claim it and send me your shipping information and I'll cover all costs.
  2. Claimed! I'll send you the shipping info privately.
  3. Excellent, Craig. I'm glad it has a good home!
  4. Andy, thanks for offering up some free stuff. I'll see if I can find a few goodies myself.
  5. Replacement 50mm/1.8 FL (or FD) lenses in great shape are cheap and readily available.
  6. The giver, Andy claimed my give away Nikkor 135mm lens. I asked him to post something to give away, he was true to his word! Hope you enjoy the lens Andy!
  7. I do indeed, Cary! It's working out beautifully on my Nikomat FTN.
    Kevin--Glad to do it. I will probably post more items in the very near future.
  8. The Quick Load system on these works fantastic (that is what the QL on the front is for). No threading or anything like that, simply pull the film over to where it is marked and close it up and wind. I found mine at an Estate sale for $15, I did have to clean some crud out of the lens but it did come with a still working PX13 battery! Those things seem to last forever. I would recommend using an o-ring or spacer and a zinc air 675 battery, it is so close to the voltage of the PX13 that it will not cause any problems with the meter.
  9. The FT arrived this afternoon. I haven't put film in it yet but I see that the meter works (after I figured out how to activate it by pushing the self-timer lever to the left). Apart from cosmetic wear and some junk on the focusing screen, the camera and lens appear to be in good shape. I will definitely run some FP4+ through this soon. My local camera shop has a shutter speed tester, so I'll have them check it first. I can tell that, as Andy said, 1/1000 is not working right, though 1/500 looks okay as far as I can tell by eye.
    Thanks again, Andy, for the free camera. I'll look through my own collection to find something suitable for a gear give-away.

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