Gear Acquiring Syndrome - notes about not buying a Schneider 150mm APO aspherical large format lens

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by dirk_dom|1, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Lens for sale for $200... perfect condition...
    Four hours ago the photoshop opened, still didn't go buy this lens...
    Three more hours until the shop closes...
    I'm doing it minute by minute, I'm holding out...
    I mailed them yesterday that I wouldn't buy the lens...
    Wish there was a group Lensaholics Anonymous around here...
    I see nothing but pink lenses with snouts and big teeth and they want to devour me...
  2. It's cheaper than drinking. And the hangover doesn't last as long.

    Rick H.
  3. Schneider doesn't make a 150mm apo aspherical large format lens.
  4. @Ed: seems to me that they do either have an aspherical or an APO - can't seem to find one that has both though.
    @Dirk: there's always tomorrow...
  5. Hi!
    I do remember it was an APO, but now I'm not sure anymore if it said "aspherical". It was multicoated.
  6. You obviously will have to go back for another look then ;-)
  7. Hold strong. Go shoot something and enjoy what you have. And they do/did have an
    Apo in 150mm. I have its big brother, 210 Apo, and its little cousin, the 150mm
    Claron G.
  8. I am a huge fan of Mamiya TLRs so when I walked past a window the other day sporting a mint C3 (even still had the lens cap) I had to struggle to resist the urge to buy. I am not a collector or a gear-head but somehow I still manage to have accumulated 34 cameras and two enlargers .... plus studio lights, filters, etc. etc.
  9. My weakness is pre-Civil war lenses. Fortunately, most of these don't fit on my Chamonix very well.
    Kent in SD
  10. Never mind. The nostalgic feeling lately, last 15 years, get me to buy back my beloved Nikon FA with the MD-15. Then the first Nikon F I used to have, with prism only. No light-meter on that time, I learned to estimate the exposure, after a couple of rolls of film. Then, my beloved 135/2 and 105/1.4 AI-S. Then the F2, F3 and so on. Actually, I bought back all my previous cameras and lenses I used to own, and more. Now, I have all the models I have ever own and more, and lenses of the old era, AI-S and non AI's. So what? As some of you stated all ready, still cheeper then drinking and smoking, and enjoying those mechanical marvels greatly, sometime go out and shoot a couple of B&W or Velvia, excitedly waiting to be developed and see them on the light table. It is a weakness? It is not. Still much better then siting with other old asses in a shopping plazas and gossiping, telling stories of my arthritis, hemorrhoids , or better, they grand children's, (whom mostly ignoring them), etc., and sipping cold coffee.
    Happy New Year.

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