Garry Winogrand -Pictures of the 1960 Democratic National Convention

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on that, Marc. Something to look forward to. Though I said the same thing when
    the HCB retrospective was announced, and after waiting a year, saw it and came away with a shrug. I'm
    more optimistic with the GW exhibition, especially as I see it's curated by Leo Rubinfien.
  2. Some info on the SFMOMA GW retrospective Marc mentioned up above.
  3. Fascinating stuff. And photos that look like Winogrand 1960 or any other year, sure enough.
  4. Thanx Marc.
  5. Thank you Marc.
    John (Crosley)
  6. You're welcome guys. Brad I felt the same way you did after seeing HCB at SFMOMA. I've never really been into Winogrand either, but I'm still loooking forward to seeing this upcoming exhibit. Every now and then and I entertain the thought of spending a couple days in Tucson at The Center for Creative Photography and looking through the Winogrand and W. Eugene Smith archives.
  7. Fascinating look back in time. He sure caught the excitement of the convention.
  8. Those are great photos, Marc. Thanks for the link.
  9. Thanks for the link. Man, was he a great photographer!!!!!!
  10. Excellent. I've always liked the way Winogrand saw the world. I suppose it's closer to my own way of seeing things - that almost unnoticed glance at a particular moment. Number 4 in that series is terrific.

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