Gami 16

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  1. Agfa APX 25 film
  2. I think the word you are looking for is rubbish
  3. gami 16 has a super strong main spring. when you press the release button
    there is sustaintial camera shake, that explains why many pictures are
    blurry. I have to hold the camera real tight next time around
  4. It is an excellent camera, no complaints on focusing or even the 'light meter' once i got used to it. For me however it is awkward to use. tried it with have a dozen rolls and never got used to it. to many decades with the Minox, Edixa and Mec cameras I guess.
  5. Indeed, it is heavier than full frame 35mm camera such as Minox 35ML, Minox GT-E
  6. Gami 16 is the largest 16mm camera
  7. 29802263712_b0f8e33feb_o.jpg
    This pictures shows that Gami 16 can take sharp picture
  8. Conditions for sharp picture: Suuny, small aperture, high shutter speed
    fast film. steady hands
  9. However, Edixa 16 lens is sharper than Gami lens

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