Galvin 2X3 view camers

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by james_r_babb, Sep 29, 1997.

  1. Anyone have experience with these Galvin babyviews they'd care to share? I need swings and tilts for some specific jobs but can't use larger than 2x3, and these things look like just the ticket--provided I can find a used one.
  2. They're getting harder and harder to find lately and some people are trying to get top dollar for them ($1,000+ since other 2x3 options are up in that range. They were handbuilt by Mr. Galvin (California, you can find his addressa and phone # in VIEWCAMERA magazine). In comparison with current "machine/computer built 6x9's they are no where near as smooth. They do however offer all the movement options you'll ever need, but with lock and unlock controls instead of geared movements. I am curently adapting my Galvin to a 67 Bronica body for photomacrography (Micro Nikkor lenses in shutters... these lenses are current but not at all well known and actually few out in the scientific community. Anyways.. I use a 100mm Symmar and a 150 Xenar withthe Galkvin to make the outfit ultra compact and rugged and hell for backpacking.. Roll film backs are the way to go, I especially like the Horseman roll film backs which are not all that much $$$$ used. All in all the Galvin in like the old VW Beetle (yes I own one of these also) simple, always work, and get you there but wiothout all the bells and whistles or power windows or AC.



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