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  1. I recently sold my Canon G7 and am looking to replace it with either the G10 or the SX1. I have not had much success in reading reviews of these two cameras
    rated side by side. Any advice on how to compare these two cameras would be appreciated.
    I have the 40D and lenses, and realize that neither of these cameras will compare with that. I will use the camera for when I am traveling light and do not want to
    carry the 40d.
  2. You might want to wait a few more weeks, when the SX1 will come with RAW file capability. Then you can decide whether you wish to pay more money for the SX1, which has better video, longer zoom, but less megapixels, compared to the G10. Also, you have to decide whether you want the benefits of the proprietary battery on the G10 or the convenience but increased size and weight of the AA batteries that the SX1 uses.
  3. I compared the two in the store. The G10 is a lot lighter and more compact than the SX1 (probably too small if you have large hands). The LCD on the SX1 will swivel but is much smaller and shaped for video aspect ratio. The SX1 has longer lens but lower resolution. View finder of the SX1 is lcd (but large and bright) while G10 has optical viewfinder that is a bit small for my taste. Touch choice, you really have to handle them and see which one suits you better.
  4. If you can find a G9 try to get that. It should be priced much lower with the release of the G10. The reviews I've read of the G10 have not been that favorable when compared to the G9. Canon tried to squeeze too many pixels on the small sensor of the G10 and the images suffer for it. Noise was evident on the G9 at higher ISO's and has worsened on the G10. I have a G9 that, like you, I use when I don't want to carry my camera bag. It gives great results considering the size and convenience. I regularly print 11x14 and the occasional 16x20 - no problems. The lens of the G9 is 35-210 vs 28-140 of the G10.
  5. I've bought G10 for my wife because I wanted to have RAW capability (so if she captures nice moment but not properly exposed I could still try to salvage it). Compared against my 20D it stays really nicely up to ISO 400 in both sharpness and color accuracy, I was surprised by the lens performance (myself I use 50, 85 and 70-200 f/2.8). But ISO 800 and above my 20D is still better in terms of noise. G10 also works nice with my 430EX flash and accepts remote release cable from ancient (film) EOS 3000. One disappointment was the shutter lag - it isn't obvious in most snapshot situations but becomes apparent when you want to capture exact moment (e.g. repetitative motions), yet I don't expect other non-SLR cameras being any better.
    If I remember correct, I did compare specs of G10 to SX1 in the store but as long zoom range triggered quality alarm in my head I didn't even take SX1 in my hands. Overall both me and my wife are happy with G10 and would recommend at least looking closely at this camera (for some cases even as better alternative to an SLR). But be aware, that older Photoshop (at least CS2) doesn't understand RAW format of G10, so either you get newer version or stick with Canon's DPP (or as my wife use Apple iPhoto after codec update).
  6. [[But be aware, that older Photoshop (at least CS2) doesn't understand RAW format of G10,]]
    One option here is to use Adobe's free DNG conversion tool to convert those RAW files to DNG and then open them in CS2.

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