FYI Astrum Foto-400 @ 200asa

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  1. Hello again. This is the last of the Astrum Saga's !
    After the Foto-200 material, I ran two rolls of the 400 material in the Fed-3 / Jupiter- camera also used in the 200 testing.
    Roll # 1 was exposed at 250 asa. Subject matter was my Sunday Farmers Market, with a mix of lighting.
    Roll #2 was exposed at 200 asa. This was taken during my pm walk-about in the bright afternoon sun.
    Both rolls were developed (separately) with 3.0 ml of Pyrocat HDC in a 450ml Nikor S/S tank for 12 minutes.
    Roll #1 gave me a few fits in scanning, as the highlights were blown out in extreme lighting mixes.
    Roll #2 had very few surprises. Shadow values yielded Zone II detail, with highlights falling right at Z 6-7.
    My only "Gripe" about this film is the extremely thin PET base. It is a bear while handling. Flopping about and putting up a good fight while trying to return it into the Print-Files I use.
    I will keep a limited inventory of this film, as it seems to produce decent results for me. Perhaps a further test on some overcast lighting conditions.
    Aloha, Bill 2k21-018-034 ces3 bc bm-horz txt.jpg
  2. OK. Must load everything manually ! 2k21-018-009 ces3 bc bm-horz.jpg
  3. Ah, the cursed Time Out feature !! 2k21-017-007 test-horz.jpg
  4. That brings back vague memories of an attempt to introduce 72 exposure cassettes. By Ilford IIRC. It was a short-lived thing, but yes the film was a pig to handle, and no reels to develop it on! So it had to be chopped in half for processing anyway.
  5. The base for the Astrum 100 & 200 emulsion is also PET, being somewhere between "normal" film acetate and this "Piggish" very thin PET. I have only seen this super thin PET is some microfilm stock I used for the Minox B, early 90's. Small Minox rolls were EZ for my fat fingers then ! Aloha, Bill
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