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  1. Rumour has it that Kyocera has "signed off" its employees and Contax
    is no longer!!!
    Any other readers hear/read this?
  2. I have read this on a few different pages, but it always seems to result in a different answer. It would seem, however, that despite the positive outlook of some, that Kyocera has ceased production of Contax cameras. There is supposedly a great of deal of new equipment left and a new US distributor, which I find to be quite confusing. Did the old distributor jump ship upon hearing of the end of production and the new one come along only to sell the remaining supplies?

    I have thought about buying a G camera for the last few years, but I kept waiting for a new one (G3?), but it never happened. Now, I seriously don't think it will ever happen. Perhaps I will wait for G system prices to bottom out and then buy one?
  3. There are so many rumors floating around. Most rumors turn out NOT to be true. Not saying that this isn't the case, but the best thing to do is to wait for some type of an official announcement.
  4. The 'future' could be the same as Zeiss Ikon cameras. Even though they are no longer being made, Zeiss Ikon cameras are still useful photographic tools and, even if the Kyocera flavour of Contax cameras stops production, they will still be useful photographic tools for years and years to come.

    Now, of course, the Ziess Ikon name is making a comeback with the new Rangefinder that has been announced.
  5. Roger,
    I got a G1 recently with the 28 Biogon and really like it. It is a much faster travel camera than a Leica M (which I also own), and one has to get used to the way of working for the AF, but otherwise it is great value for money. Since you can get one for about USD 300 with a 45/2 lens I would doubt prices go down even more - they are ridicoulusly cheap right now already.
    As for Contax, it looks like Kyocera really lets the brand go down, but I guess the name is too valuable to stay unused. And if the go-down also includes the Contax 645 has to be doubted - if you read Michael Reichmanns PMA report on luminous-landscape.com it looks like they stay in business with MF only. Which will not render all other contax gear useless - I love my 25 year old SLRs and the 'new' G1 and will use them quite a bit over the coming years I hope.
  6. Well, Colin,

    here's the official proof:

  7. I read it first at dpreview.com. It seemed odd to me that the corporate website has not annouced it officially, even though news about it is already out there. So is it still just a rumour?

    Anyways, I hope the Contax brand will not be acquired by Sony (as rumoured), which is not a camera manufacture specialist in my opinion. I'd hate to see Contax digital cameras using only Sony's memory stick. Zeiss should take Contax back.

    And how about those digital G's? Are they coming out for real? I'd love to own one!
  8. Well, I had plans to buy a Contax MF. Sad to hear that Contax is closing.
  9. I doubt very much if Sony will acquire Contax. After all, here is a company that itself is in trouble (financially). No point in jumping from the frying pan into the fire! Manufacturing Contax cameras would not be Sony's salvation. One now has a japanese corporation, headed by an ex UK, now US citizen, non-japanese speaking CEO.
    Desperate times call for desperate measures!! And the world turns
  10. Andrew,<br><br>Company websites usually are the last to announce "bad news". So don't be surprised that it doesn't show yet on the Kyocera site.<br>On the other hand not appearing there is of course no proof of the rumours beinf true either. ;-)<br><br>Noone will buy the Contax brand from Kyocera. It is not Kyocera's to begin with.<br><br>And Kyocera is not a specialist camera manufacturer either.<br>It's just one of those large Japanese companies, but one that happened to include a camera manufacturer (Yashica) in it's investment portfolio one day, and kept it there for as long as it was/is profitable.<br>Sony may have more experience in the imaging industry than five Kyoceras put together. ;-)<br>(Which doesn't mean that Sony will be in the running for a possible "take-over" of the Contax line. Personally, i believe noone will want to continue that line anyhow.)<br>
  11. I spoke with a toCAD representative, who is now the distributor for Contax and who up until recently was a Contax employee, and he confirmed that the Contax line of cameras (other than the recently discountined models) was continuing to be manufactured and supported.

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