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  1. Is this another version of "no good deed goes unpunished?": I offered a discount voucher for a charity event, to
    photograph up to 3 people, with 1-2 hours of shooting time. The winner of the voucher has contacted me to say
    she would like to add 6 people to the session (total of 9 people). I told her the cost for the additional people
    is $200, plus the cost of prints. I low balled it since this job came through the charity event. I was
    going to provide her with a CD with low res images so I could at lease make a little on the printing end of this.

    Now she wants me to give her a CD with full resolution images, so she can make a video/slideshow for her son's

    Any suggestions for how I can manage this? I feel sick that I won't make a decent wage off this huge job.
  2. Charge extra for the CD, just as you increased the price for more people. Make it an amount that will offset the loss of print sales.
  3. There's no reason she needs full-resolution images for a video or slide show.
  4. Thank you both for replying. What would you charge for the CD?
  5. That might depend on what your net profit from an average set of print sales might be.
  6. What Matt says.
    Prepare picture of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and explain that this is the best for the video or slide show.
    Though, 2 MB is printable postcard size.
  7. 1920x1080, 72 dpi for the slide show CD... But, do they have a photographer for the wedding? Photographer for their next family event? You "got noticed" by this family. That's an important part of this whole "problem".
  8. Spearhead

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    72 dpi​
    I can't believe this is still popping up.
    One more time, digital images have resolution defined by x pixels by y pixels. "dpi" is a header to an output device that outputs in inches, like a printer. You can leave it at whatever it is unless you are printing somewhere that it matters.
  9. Thank you all for taking the time to respond with all this helpful information.
  10. By the way, once I sent the client information of what the fee would be for the CD, she balked, and canceled the shoot. I forgot to mention, this was a rush job. I think I dodged a bullet, clearly she was looking for a cheap deal all along.

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