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  1. Hi everyone,
    Another big step for me. I stepped in to the DSLR world last year with a used/secondhand EOD 40D with the kit lens EF-S 17-85 IS USM and I have to say that I'm loving each moment I'm out with my camera shooting anything and everything that interests me.Since then I've purchased an EF 70-200 L f/4 USM and the EF 50mm f/1.4 USM and Ive taken some pretty good photographs with these lenses.
    My wife and I was on holiday over the summer and there was a guy with a EOS 5D Mark I with a 24-105 L IS USM that got friendly and was kind enough to hand his camera over and have a play around with it. I really felt a difference with the 5D compared to my 40D (I'm not underestimating my 40D in anyway, I love it) and I felt the need for a Full-Frame Body.
    I've been surfing around for quite sometime looking for good condition secondhand full frame bodies...and I think if I wait patiently a little bit longer I would get a better deal with all the new models like the 5D Mark III and EOS 6D out soon.
    I'm no where near any of the above mentioned....but I've look at a 5D Mark I 12.8mp and a 1D Mark II 8.2. Both the same price and seems to be in good condition. I know that I would be stupid to be looking for an excellent condition body when it comes to these two models :)
    I would really appreciate if you could give your opinion on these two camera models and which one should benefit me on the long (phew) run? Maybe someday I would get a 5D Mark III or a 1DX....but by that time they would be called different names :)
    Thank you in advance and have a great week.
  2. One of the best deals around right now is a brand new 5D Mark II. Canon just increased their instant rebate price significantly, so you can pick up a new body for $1799. That's also going to push second hand prices down quite a bit too, you might be able to get a used 5D II for around $1300. The image quality advances of the 5D II over the original 5D are significant. The 1D Mark II you reference is not a full frame body, and I would prefer even the original 5D over it. The 1Ds Mark II is full frame, but is not as good of a deal as the 5D II right now.
  3. Neither. I'm with Sheldon...The 5DmkII is a GREAT deal right now. I was originally planning to get a 7D as an upgrade to my 40D
    and stick with crop bodies for one more generation. However, the prices on new 5DmkII dropped so much that, when I
    sold my EF-S 10-22 that I would no longer need, the price for me was roughly the same for a new 7D. The 7D had better
    AF and video features, but full-frame trumped those considerations for me. I've been loving it. I'm going to hang onto my crop-body 40D (which has marginally better AF and faster FPS) for birds and other wildlife, too.
  4. 5D MkII is a killer camera and is now available at a killer price. I've had mine since the day they hit the shelves and have absolutely no plans to "upgrade". It simply does just about everything you could ever want. Coming from a 40D it will be lovely.
    Only if you shoot a lot of birds in flight or fast paced sports should you need to consider anything else. For those subjects your aforementioned option of the 1D MkII may be preferable due to its superior AF.
  5. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator Staff Member

    My wife and I was on holiday over the summer and there was a guy with a EOS 5D Mark I with a 24-105 L IS USM that got friendly and was kind enough to hand his camera over and have a play around with it. I really felt a difference with the 5D compared to my 40D (I'm not underestimating my 40D in anyway, I love it) and I felt the need for a Full-Frame Body.​

    So you want to buy it because you like the feel of it in your hands? That doesn't seem like much of a reason to buy a fairly expensive body. The only useful reason to spend a lot of money on a body is that it does something you can't do now.
  6. I know that I would be stupid to be looking for an excellent condition body when it comes to these two models :)
    Uhm, you could have bought mine with the BG-E4 grip a few months ago for $800. Not a scratch on the body or sensor for $800. What I am saying is if you really really look hard enough on eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji, you will find one in excellent condition.
  7. A 5D could not be considered expensive. Right now you can get them for about the same as a new Rebel kit. Since they can be had for ~$800 (as Peter sold his for), even in excellent condition, it makes them an excellent 'deal', especially if you value high IQ over speed, and modern bells and whistles.
    My only advice would be to try to ascertain whether the unit was ever used professionally. As a pro, I often beat the heck out of my cameras, and even though they come away (mostly) scratch free, that doesn't mean they haven't had a rough life. The bottom line is that when used professionally, cameras are merely tools to get images, and their value revolves around that, so just because it starts raining, or a sandstorm blows in (or whatever), doesn't mean we can pack our equipment away to preserve the tools (defeats the purpose in having them). Hobbyists are vastly more likely to have a camera (even a $3000 one as the 5D was originally) that only has a few thousands clicks, and only comes out to play when the sun is shining.
  8. I loved my 5D MkI, took some great photos with it. Still have it but only kept it for a backup once I got the MKII. The 5D is dated but like someone said, if you don't need all the bells & whistles of a new camera, you can probably find a good used one at a pretty good price.
    Only thing to be aware of with the original 5D is the mirror tech issue (Poor factory mirror adhesive/assembly, so eventually the mirror falls off). Canon will fix it for free but good to check if that was done...
  9. What Peter said. My 5D has quite a few miles on it, but I take very good care of my gear. I would characterize its condition as EXC+, if not rather minty. The top LCD does have a light scratch or two, though. I'll likely be selling it soon to upgrade to the 5DII. That said, if you can't afford the 5DII, the 5D is still a superb camera.
  10. Jeff makes a good point...what exactly about the 5D do you suddenly want? My 5Dmkii feels almost indentical to my 40D.
    In fact, but for the larger viewfinder and the nameplates, I actually have trouble keeping them apart. So I'm guessing it
    was more than ergonomics?
  11. I agree with the 5DM2 recommendations. The price is amazing. I had a 3 year old 5DM2, purchased a 5DM3 when it
    first came out. I was able to sell my 5DM2 for $1850 at that same time. So if you can but a brand new one for $1799,
    that's an excellent deal!
  12. Thank you all for your contributions. Some very interesting points addressed.
    I would like to say that I don't have a huge budget to invest in a 5D Mark III or the Mark II....I'm a small fry in the game :)
    Oh and sorry about the 1D Mark II...yes it's the 1Ds Mark II that I looked at.....the price nearly the same as the 5D Mark I.....then again like someone pointed out these camera's are mostly used as tools buy professionals so might be tricky finding a MINT CONDITION USED CAMERA.....hahahaha

    That said.....the reason I'm looking for a 5D Mark I. As someone pointed out "the sudden need for a 5D" I do like taking portrait shots and the IQ looked superior compared to my 40D with the 50mm f/1.4. Yes I do value IQ and sometimes I get noise with shots taken from my 40D but I'm not sure if the 5D Mark I would be any better. It certainly looked better with more crisp detail, but then again I'm not a professional so I could be wrong. I'd like to think I'm a professional though when I'm out with my 40D :) :)
    So basically I think it boils down to IQ I guess. Would there be a huge difference or minor that it would really matter?
    Thanks again and appreciate your time.
  13. I used to own three 5D's and one 1Ds II. To me, there was slightly more detail rendered at 200% crops with the 1Ds II when enlarged 200%. The colours and buffer was better with the 5D. But, the mode dial was prone to accidentally shifting when rubbing against my body. The other advantage of having the 1Ds II was the voice recorder and weather sealing. The 1Ds II felt better in my hands. Both used cameras can be had for 'almost' the same price with the 1Ds II commanding about $200 more.
  14. DB, I'm not sure why you suddenly felt your camera was inadequate compared to the 5D, just by holding it and maybe looking at the LCD screen. Modern camera's have great sensors, and provided you don't thrown away some of the goodness by sticking slow lenses (f2.8 and slower) on the front, your existing camera is capable of terrific images. You might net better results with some fast glass (I see you have a fast 50), so you don't have to crank up the ISO, thereby not limiting the dynamic range capabilities of your camera.
    Another thing to keep in mind is this - every camera is full frame, unless you look through the viewfinder and find it half blocked. I smaller sensor is still full frame, and I tend to think a lot of people feel the need to 'upgrade' because they feel that they are missing out on something - their cameras isn't quite 'full'.
  15. DB,
    Is it possible that what you so quickly locked onto with the 50mm lens on the 5D was that your 50mm seemed wider? That happened to me when going from 40D to 5D2 - I was immediately struck by how different the 50mm and 85mm lenses looked on the FF. It had nothing to do with image quality - actually many people are even thrown off thinking the 5D2 is soft when they first cross over (different topic though).
    If you think you're being hooked is more due to field of view, instead try a fast prime 35mm lens on your 40D (in place of the 50mm) and see if that isn't what you really experienced? If so, perhaps you just need a wider lens or two.
  16. Brad, what you say is true; however, with 5D camera bodies selling in the low $700's, a larger format may even be more affordable than a new lens. Then with both the 40D and the 5D, he'd have a dual format system that would give him considerably more versatility from his entire lens collection. Sometimes the larger format can be an economical choice, at least now.
  17. Thank you Sarah.......someone's on my side....hahahahaha
    Good point Sarah.....I'd use the 50mm f/1.4 if I decide to get the 5D or the 1Ds Mark II as I like the saying "what the eye sees....the mind believes" ;) Basically my intention of getting a FF is for portraiture with the 50mm.
    Honestly I would like to buy all the equipment that's around.....but....

    I'm also considering an upgrade for my EF-S 17-85mm.....probably the cheapest EF 17-40mm L or if I decide to stretch my pocket a wee bit maybe the EF 24-105mm L, but that's not going to happen right now....will have to wait for Christmas to treat myself.

    I think I will resist my desire for a FF till X'mas and early 2013....that's if I, we all, survive 21-12-12....LOLZ
  18. Image Quality will come from several sources, quality of light, proper exposure and post-processing. Full frame will make a difference, and different cameras handle higher ISO differently. Daytime ISO 100 will be quite similar between cameras while ISO-400, 800 and higher will be not. Trying a new-to-you camera is good once in a while, whether now or later.

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