Fujinon-Xerox 1:5.6/260 lens on a recessed Omega View lens board

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  1. Does anyone have any info about this lens? It was a partner to an Apo=Lanthar
    lens, which went out with an Ilex. Is this a photo lens? A xerox copy lens?
    Without a shutter, just the hunk of glass maounted on the Omega View
    board...threaded and sunk in. I let the Apo lens go for $2500....probably too
    little. I do not expect this to be more than a $50 hunk of glass and board,
    but, maybe someone has a word for me?
  2. Check out the surplusshed. $50? You are an optimist! :)
  3. Common B&W "Xerox" copiers in the 1960's and 1970's had lenses that worked at a 1:1 unity ratio; with a 210mm focal length for 8.5x11 and abit longer for legal 8.5x14 inches. The surplus Ones I got in the 1970's was 5 dollars from C&H sales; a 210mm F4.5 that has an iris down to f11, You set the iris setting when one replaced the drum; resetting it as it aged. Lens for copy machines often have a truncated fstop range and are often marked copy or 1:1
  4. Your lens might also be an enlarging type lens too; Xerox did dabble in the reprographic copy camera market abit long ago.
  5. <img src="http://www.usedcameraexchange.com/HAL7545/1.JPG">
  6. The lens is from a copier and designed for 1:1. These are not cheap lenses and for their designed purpose are fine optics. Xerox had a very sophisticated optical design department some years ago and worked with fuji on many lenses. I don't know if this dept still exists or not but they used alot of optics. Some of the xerox machines also used metrogon type lenses made by fuji, althought this lens is not a metrogon of course.

  7. Ok. It is a Xerox lens that my grandfather had used in his large format handmade camera. You say the glass is not cheap. Who would buy it? Someone expressed interest in the Omega View its mounted to. I still have the lens, a large/clean bellows, frosted and etched glass in the rear under a mirror. Does this sound like anything someone would want? Thanks
  8. 1:1 ratio "Xerox" copier lenses were designed for high contrast at moderate to low resolution. By low resolution this is just say 8 to 15 lines per mm; placing toner on paper with no enlargement. While a 1:1 copier lens might also have higher end resolution usefull for an enlargement, its just a bonus for the surplus lens user, not a prime requirement for its original usage. On the surplus market used 1:1 copier lenses use to be 5 bucks apiece in the 1970's and 1980's; often a dozen was just 20 bucks, a crate of them less than a single new LF enlarging lens. <BR><BR>Today a used 6 element enlarging lens is at an all time low in cost; and is designed and made for enlargement.<BR><BR>If your copy lens is not "good enough" for what you are using it for; try an 6 element enlarging lens such as a Componon.
  9. Hi again. I have more photos if someone wants them emailed to them. It is what is left of the camera we have discussed. There are odds and ends...pieces of wood, that I can't figure out. So I will show the main stuff left (tell me...do you think that the Apo-Lanth Voigt.Braun. w/ the Ilex #5 was worth more than the 2500$. It was one of my first tries at ebay and he offerred it...my eyes grew big and didn't realize I was saying 'yes...yes...yes...' to myself :0) And, I thought people were being generous when they offered to take the 20 or so 4x5 double sided riteways and Liscos, for 4$ ea and less. I was cruising another Ebay site and saw the same boards, now going for 5 times as much...oof, live and learn. So, maybe you understand how I feel. Yes, I will sell the parts. But, look at them and give each a value. Is the part what I am told it is? Take the lens. My grandfather was a lifer in photog. He built his own. Including his dark room and equipment. Never pay retail when you can buy parts and build it yourself, he said. Then you know each screw and part....no errors. So, I cannot see him buying a copy machine lens to play with. Everyone says it is a Xerox 1:1/210. The lens says Fujinon Xerox 1:5.6/260 Fuji Photo Optical Co. Maybe he used it for darkroom? Then why is it threaded in the 1" recessed Omega View? So many questions!!!. I will cruise the net and check out used prices and ebay. Get back to me...I really want to get rid of the clutter (trunk of cameras only has a few left...but I could use that space) So. I have an 8x10 ground glass w/crosshairs (washed it and was shocked to see it was very translucent, until it dried) in a wood frame with a mirror that he used some kind of tape to hinge it to the glass frame. A wood framed bellows with 8x10 vs 6x6 openings. It extends about 2 feet, maybe more if I really pulled it. The Omega View 1"(?) recessed, and the xerox 1:5.6 260. Feel free to contact me at ricul7 at Yahoo.com Thanks for your help...and yes, I am sometimes an optimist....but I don't let it get in the way of my distrust of anything. :) rick

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