Fujinon 250 w f6.7

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by xosni, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with this lens. This
    is the old single coated version. I want to know how does it perform
    at close range (around 1:2). Is it possible to reverse the lens for
    macro work?

  2. This is a wide field lens for 8x10". Similar to a 10" Wide field Ektar.
    Good quality and OK for table top work but not especially sutable for
    macro. You would also need a very log bellows draw. The covering at
    infinity is something like 398mm.

    Gudmundur Ingólfsson
  3. Don't know whether you are planning to use it on 8x10 or 4x5. It's a really nice lens for 8x10. I've used it for some close up work in that format. The results have been very good, but I was contact printing where lens quality is not as critical as when enlarging. If you're planning to use it on a 4x5 and don't so large an image circle, I would think you could find something smaller, lighter, and maybe sharper.
  4. 398mm at infinity?!! Why? This is not a retrofocus lens, is it?

  5. When the lens is focused at infinity the image that is made by the lens will have a diameter of 398 mm meaning it will be big enogh to expose a piece of 8x10"sharply with some extra for shift. (no retrofocus)
  6. sorry, I thought you were talking about bellows extension

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