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  1. Good Day to all:

    So I have decided to abandon and sell my full frame Canon M5d2 and look for something more advanced and within my budget. I have done some research over the last couple of weeks and I have landed on the Fuji XT-2. I would like to ask anyone who has one and shoots with it for feedback on the camera system. Personal pros and cons, I know magazines and professional reviewers get paid to review cameras. I would like to know first hand from someone who has used it day in and day out the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    Thank You

  2. B&H is selling the XT1 for $649 today if you want just a taste of the Fuji X system to see if its right for you.
  3. I just picked up an X-T20, which is a near functional equivalent in terms of features and with an identical sensor and image processor. I am very happy with the camera overall; however, the three things I find distracting are:

    1. the very small size (I have larger than average hands, I think)
    2. the large number of dials and buttons
    3. when holding it, I inadvertently activate the menu because my right hand palm near my thumb routinely bumps the menu/arrow keys on the back of the camera.

    I have partially mitigated #3 by buying the grip, but it still happens occasionally. To me, this is a significant design flaw but one which I am willing to tolerate. An X-T2 will have problems 2 and 3 but because it is larger I suspect 1 will be less of an issue.

    The benefits of the camera outweigh these detriments for me. I only have two Fuji lenses, the 16-50 and 50-230. Most of the time I use my Canon FD lenses with a Metabones Speedbooster. The manual focus features are really fantastic for the Fuji, much better than my Sony a7.

    I sold my Canon gear (5Dm2 plus half a dozen lenses) a few years ago and have no regrets.
  4. When I got my XT10 it came with the grip included. I think the grip is essential to the XT10/20 especially with the 50-230mm zoom.
  5. I personally started photography on a Pentax spotmatic 2. This camera is very similar to it and with all the knobs on the exterior of it and no need to jump into the screen menu for any quick change it should in theory be ideal for what I need. Pentax Spotmatic 2.jpg
  6. I have a Spotmatic F (pristine condition!) and it is much simpler than the Fuj X-T digitalsi. There's really only one dial on the Spotmatics - the shutter speed dial. The ISO is set and and can't be bumped. Plus, nothing on the back of a Spotmatic.
  8. Have had my XT-1 and XT-2, the XT-2 for about 9 months now and it has lit up my Photography. I was thinking the other day, the Photographic lifespan of the great master Photographers in history usually lasted 20 years approximately. I'm not at all making any comparison, although we all happen to be humans and at 33 years of a vigorous experience in image making, I'm just sayn the XT-2 for all whatever reasons has added to the experience, individual experiences apply. I have had zero negative issues with this camera and as in its presence, build quality, ergonomics, presents itself honestly. I think people love the one their with when it comes to camera's too, to the point of going blind to real objectivity. I have as high expectations as the next regardless of the level of the pictorial presence, meaning there are some real beautiful strong images here at P.NET and not mine unfortunately, but point being the XT-2 is better than I am and that's what I was looking for, a camera to push my limits and it does all that.
  9. Agree with donbright above. I have had my XT-2 for about the same amount of time - 9 months. I took it with me to Berkeley earlier this year (A week in Berkeley - April 1-10, 2017) and then to the South of France in the summer Avignon and Environs June 20-July 5 2017). I have never felt an emotional connection with my cameras in the past - mostly considering them for their utility - how well they work in the situation. This camera I find I actually love, for the handling, for the color processing of the photos, for the ease and simplicity of use in full manual, for the beautiful fujinon lenses. I graduated from the Fujifilm XM-1 to the XT-2. I bought the XM-1 for its retro feel and look and the price. It seemed to be a nice entry point for a light weight travel camera. It convinced me of the quality of Fuji products and was the reason I bought the XT-2 with its higher resolution and better specs all round. Really a wonderful little camera.
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    Note that the X-T20 is smaller than the X-T2, these are not the same camera so the size of the X-T20 is not relevant to the question.
  11. Yes, as I noted in that same post.
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  12. I'd consider picking up the now bargain-priced X-T1 and a prime like the excellent 35/2 WR just to see if the system works for you.
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  13. X-T1 good choice Mr. Watson.

    Holmes approves.

    Mega bang for the buck as you colonist say.

    I have one what more can I say.
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  14. New X-T1 bodies have been going for as low as C$600 around Toronto from authorized dealers. Fujifilm.ca is obviously clearing them out. Silly value. Recently grabbed a mint Silver Graphite version with the battery grip for the same price with a spare battery. Will shoot it till it breaks then get an X-T2 when they're discounted. The 16mp X-Trans sensor will cause you no shame.
  15. Given your familiarity with Canon I would go with a 6D. If you have many Canon lenses it makes it easier on the wallet as well as having a body style you are used to.
    Great low light image quality.

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