Fujica GS 645 W

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  1. I am trying to get the top cover off of my Fuji GS 645 W. I can not
    get the film advance lever off. I removed the screw that holds the
    unit in the inside of the camera but no luck. Any Suggestions?
  2. To remove the top cover take out the three screws at the base of the cover. These may have different lengths and head forms so note where they go.

    Next unscrew the round screw on top of the film advance lever. Use the end of a small rubber stopper to get a grip on this if needed. A "grip glove" will also work. Carefully remove the screw, the spring washer beneath it, the wind lever and possibly a washer beneath that.

    Now the top will lift off. TAKE CARE of the wires to the flash shoe - lift the top gently to avoid pulling the wires.

    Bill Peters
  3. A little late but thanks for the help.
  4. I have Fujica GS645W.

    Inside camera free movement detail appears (see picture http://www.photoline.ru/cgi-bin/cr/photo.pl?ind=1122055928).

    What is it? It critical problem? May I use camera after fix this
    detail on any place just for stopping free move inside camera? How detach lens block?

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