Fuji x100v and 50mm lens

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  1. i am vacillating between Nikon fxc and Fuji x100v, because of small size, image quality, and video capabilities. From what I am reading, the Fuji has more suitable video output for my purpose, although a little more awkward to access.
    My question is this: Fuji has a fixed lens 35mm equivalent, but claims an internal electronic conversion to 50mm. Is this simply an internal cropping that would be no better than cropping in computer, or is it something more? And what about the 50mm accessory attachment? Which would be better choice. I much prefer 50 mm to 35mm.
    I want high quality portability. One reason I stick to film is that most digital cameras are just too bulky for my tastes. But I have a specific application where digital is more suitable.
  2. A Fuji X-T30 would give you the same body size with option of interchangeable lenses. The X100v electronic conversion to 50mm is a software trick that limits you to Jpegs.
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  3. Seems you're unaware of the Fuji TCL X100 lens that takes the X100 series cameras out to 50mm. No interpolation at all...

    The OP might also look at Fuji's X-T3-4 cameras take Fujinon lenses.
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  4. Don't forget the XE-4, same video specs as the other 26MP cameras...
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  5. I'm not unaware but it's such a big lump to put on the camera that it would no longer be so compact. I have had a X100s for many years and have considered and rejected the accessory lenses.
    I used my X100s exclusively for many years before feeling the effects of GAS, I still use it sometimes and have never considered trading it.
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  6. IMG_4107.JPG IMG_4108.JPG The 50mm function in-camera is an upscaled crop and the frame lines adjusted in the OVF.
    I have the X100F and it doesn't have image stabilisation making it almost useless as a video camera. If I am not mistaken X100V still doesn't have stabilisation.
    The optical "50mm equivalent" ad-on lens is HUGE - you don't want that - it is a joke.
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  7. Thanks to all! Good anecdotes to reviews by real users. No hurry. In a couple weeks will make a trip to B&H to look at various recommended alternatives. Again, thank you.
  8. I'd also look at the Olympus Pen F and 17mm f1.8. You'd have to find a hand Pen F secondhand. Lots of lenses, IBIS, very nice output.
  9. I bought the first version of the Olympus F with 17mm plus small zoom lens as well as
    adapters for Leitz lenses. Very nice camera. I am (or was) looking for a handy digital camera
    able to easily shift between still and video. I can always easily shoot stills with my Canon
    video camera. I had Nikon fxc and Fuji x100v cameras in mind for specific project.
    Being a long time user of compact rangefinder cameras, I encounter most users of digital cameras
    carrying huge cameras with gigantic zoom lenses. Not a criticism, but simply not for me. My
    Video camera no larger than digital camera + zoom.
    You all have saved me a lot of money...thanks!
  10. It seems that you already acquired the Pen F and 17mm lens for your project. FYI, both Olympus and Panasonic make 25mm lenses which would provide a field of view equivalent to 50mm full frame. Panasonic also makes a 20mm pancake lens which is very compact and sharp.

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