Fuji X100T

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  1. Selling my stalwart Fuji, it's been wonderful and will be for the next owner. Like a famous contributor here out of frustration and boredom I impulse bought a Fuji X100F. Great camera, not certain the difference it will make.

    Fixed 23mm lens, 16 MP, flawless glass, the body is a 9, nothing more than expected wear.. Included are an Ishoot L bracket, 5 Fuji NP95 batteries, 2 chargers, 2 JJC lens hoods, Lensmate thumb grip, 16GB Lexar SD card, original box and owners manual.

    $500 + $20 Conus shipping - PayPal - Please PM if you'd like more photos. IMG_0562.jpeg IMG_0572.jpeg IMG_0567.JPG
  2. SOLD -
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