Fuji X100T Blinking Red Light

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by ericphelps, Nov 5, 2020.

  1. Almost without exception the indicator light, top right rear, glows first orange then immediately red which must be indicating the camera's dissatisfaction with itself.

    Since this model has a few years on it, the only explanation available when researching is;
    Blinks orange - Flash charging; flash will not fire when picture is taken.
    Blinks red - Lens or memory error

    The SD card I'm using is a Sandisk 64GB 170mb/s Extreme Pro which shows no failure signs or problems, and I'm using a XS-Pro Digital Clear MRC filter and a JJC round lens hood on the camera, though the symptom occurs with or without these accessories.

    I have some black electrical tape which would immediately solve the issue, but if anyone has an idea what's causing this I would like to correct the problem, if one exists, if possible.

  2. Never happened with mine. Light will briefly flash orange post exposure. Might try dropping the battery then reinstalling. Make sure the card's contacts are clean. Same story with another formatted card?

    Ask around at the various FujiX forums. Not many Fuji shooters hereabouts?

    Suspect a service call is in your future?
  3. Thanks c-watson, I've tried various batteries and a hard reset, but the symptom remains the same. It doesn't seem to affect the photos, so I'll live with it until the final crash.

    I researched the main Fuji forum, finding only one response that was unresolved, but may have involved the user sending it to Fuji for repairs.

    The camera is well off warranty so if it were to implode I doubt it'd be worth the drayage and fees.

    Thanks again -
  4. They're sweet little cameras. I'd just shoot it till it breaks. Put a bit of tape over the light. Did that on mine since I found the orange "write" light blink annoying.
  5. Yes that'll likely be the solution. It's a lovely little camera with amazing results, my first digital and very glad I found it.

    Thanks again - Stay Safe!
  6. If you're smitten with Fuji, look into the now very affordable X-T1. The well-priced f/2 "Fujicron" lenses are absolute gems.
  7. If the worst were to come, not certain what direction I'd go. I got the x100t intentionally to circumvent ending up with a bagful of new lenses 'I just had to have'. So far at my level Fuji hasn't offered any irritations, and shooting monochrome with it is very rewarding. I'd guess maybe an F or a V, a bit upstream but in the same creek.
  8. I could relate my horror stories with various Fuji products but I'll just say read the user reviews and then pick something else.
  9. Funny but I bought the X100T because I wasn't keen on filling another shelf with all those "must have" accoutrements. But then I bought the tele extender. Then a mint, cheap graphite X-T1 surfaced. Got killer deals on f/2 lens. Then a black NOS X-T1 body for peanuts. Just weak, I guess.

    After some overdue file housekeeping this summer, I saw that the X100T caught a large % of my recent street and 2018-19 vacation favorites, followed by a Ricoh GR II and the X-T1 bodies with the 35/2 and 50/2. My Nikon D7200 gets used mainly for scanning 120 b&w negs. Always baffled by some who claim the 35mm only equivalent on the X100 series cameras is "daft" or "limiting."
  10. Yes, no one tool can accomplish everything, the x100t is lousy for birding, but imagine carrying a large DSLR with a 30" telephoto lens into a subway crowd.
    The x100t is tiny, well laid out, and the 23mm lens -to me - is 'normal' in that it's how I'd frame a scene. The sims mean little to me, I shoot RAW [or RAF I guess], but I certainly enjoy using the exposure comp dial.
    My thought when I bought it was that it was a very competent camera, and if I learned it well and used its strengths and weaknesses I could turn out some ok stuff/
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