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  1. http://photo-cult.com/tests/ReponsesPhoto239-p8.jpg
    Anyone read French?
    In black, APS-C sensor and there's a 28mm f2, a 50mm 1.4 and a 90mm 2.5...
  2. Don't know if this is real or not.
    But why would it and the D4 be on the Wells Fargo site and not on an official site - also there really isn't a credit for it.
    If real - I'll be excited... if not oh well...
  3. I believe it is real and may be the interchangeable lens version of the Fuji X100 we've been hearing about. "Leaked" images similar to those are being passed around on the forums at DPReview.
    We'll probably being seeing something similar soon in all languages.
  4. The only problem I see, based on Fuji's track record, they will be, from the get-go, hopelessly bogged down and so far behind keeping up with demand for both bodies and accessory lenses.
  5. It has to be real - the prices of X100 and X10 here in Norway has sunk like a stone in water, so something is happening.
  6. The Wells-Fargo leak was forward-dated January 10th and has been removed. As I recall, 16 Mp EXR CMOS. Perhaps the X100-style hybrid viewfinder adjusts to each lens, 18/2, 35/1.4, 60/2.5. That would be some justification for a new proprietary mount. Can't imagine what they'll do for zoom.
  7. It's pretty interesting...Nex 7 vs. X1 pro vs. m4/3rds. One can also throw in the nikon V1 into the mix if one forgoes the much smaller sensor...

    My hunch:

    AF: nikon 1 > m4/3rd > sony > fuji
    IQ: Fuji > sony > m4/3rd > nikon 1
  8. Oooh... that is definitely sexy. I'll never be able to afford it, but it's nice to dream. :)
  9. I got this from dpreview:
    “Translation of the French article's main points: • Deliveries will start in March • Camera kit includes 35mm lens and will be priced around € 1,300 • Other lenses will be priced around € 600 • Camera features New Fuji 16MP APS-C sized sensor (crop factor 1.5) • Sensor will feature a color filter pattern w/ 6 filter sites per pixel instead of the usual 4 of a normal Bayer pattern; no AA filter required -> higher native sensor resolution • 60mm lens has macro capabilities • "X-Mount" bayonet system features 17.7mm flange-to-sensor distance, and features a minimum distance from back lens to sensor of 7.5mm • Hybrid VF w/ zoom function • VF features parallax compensation”
  10. I speak French, albeit not very fluently. I will translate the salient points as I read them, probably nothing you haven’t seen already.
    March arrival. 1300 Euro kit with 35mm (~50 equiv.), 600E for other lenses. 1.5X 16MP APS-C CMOS sensor with “X Trans” technology: inspired by classical film, photosites have 6 colors and are distributed randomly. So no moiré effect from gridded interpolation of subpixels, which means no blurring filter is needed, so real captured detail is very good (my note: provided lenses are good, of course!). Fuji claims resolution equal to, if not superior to, full frame. Lenses are all metal, apertures are perfectly circular, priority is big aperture (18mm f/2, 35mm f/14, 60mm f/2.4 macro; equivalent to 27, 53, and 90mm). X-Mount has a focal flange distance of 17.7mm, which is very narrow (my note: M mount adapter is likely) and large diameter, and the objective of the Fuji lenses will be just 7.5mm from the sensor (!). Upgraded hybrid viewfinder will be a zooming telescope that automatically matches lens focal length. SUPER WEIRD (IMHO): it has an external autofocus sensor! How can that work, I wonder, at extreme focal lengths? Is this something people have seen before? Aluminum alloy body. They hope the ergonomics will be improved over X100. A grip, a leather case, and a flash are proposed accessories.
    Also, it comments on a special edition black X100 release. Snooze.
    I am super excited by this! It looks amazing! Will look forward to March reviews.
  11. Thanks for a more precise translation, Gabriel.
    my note: provided lenses are good, of course!​
    Yeah, Fuji has made one or two lenses that were usable in the past. :eek:)

    Finally, a digital replacement for my Contax G1...sign me up!
  12. Louis, I hope the new fuji AF faster than the G:)
  13. I wonder what the 6 colors are within the X Trans sensor pixel? Maybe cyan, like the 4-layer Fujifilm emulsions. And possibly white, without infringing on Kodak's RGBW patent.
  14. External focussing - could it be IR ala the Hexar?

    The X100 sensor is excellent in low light for noise and this camera may improve on that with IR focussing!
  15. I too am wondering about the 6 colors pixel thingy and the "external" focussing. And also the no AA filter...All sound pretty exciting.
  16. I want one, but it would be to expensive for me :-(
  17. The color array is actually a 6x6 36-pixel block with red and blue in the worst tic-tac-toe positions, thrice rotated 90 degrees going clockwise, and about 10% more green sites than Bayer pattern.

  18. Camera size compared here
  19. It's contrast based AF...Let's hope it's better than the x100. No IBIS, I thought maybe it had it due to the thickness of the body. Images are up on the fuji site...
  20. IBIS: In-body image stablization?
  21. Yeah, in body image stablization. I know body thickness has nothing to do with it but I guess I was secretly hoping...
  22. <p>Thanks for the confirmation.

    <p>Noticed Fuji called it "X-Pro 1", not "X1", "X 1", or "X-1"; could have assigned another letter|word to differentiate (from X100 & X10) the X mount camera (line). Yes, it's the word "Pro" in the name that is irritating me.
  23. Leslie, on the lens roadmap, the zooms have IS.
    • 14mm f/2.8
    • 18-72mm f/4.0 with Image Stabilization
    • 28mm f/2.8 pancake
    • 23mm f/2.0
    • 72-200mm f/4.0 Image Stabilization
    • 12-24mm f/4.0 Image Stabilization
  24. Yes, X-PRO 1...I'm not an early adopter, so I'll wait and see...Leica's in trouble, I think. There's some confusion on the price, I hear $1700 body only and also $1400 with a lens...
  25. $1700 body only is a bit on the spendy side....but it is a niche product. I wouldn't mind $1700 including the 35 f1.4 prime.
  26. My guess is 1200 - $1500 body only...It needs to compete with the Sony Nex 7 some what.
  27. I bought my Contax G2 in black with the three lenses, 28mm, 45mm, 90mm, I think it was in 1998, or so. I remember the climate, the buzz at the time, it had a certain feeling to it. This x-pro 1, buzz has the same feeling to it, and the irony's between the two cameras will hit you in the face when you look at overall design features, and the way its packaged, with its own 3 lenses with the exact focal length attributes. For some years now in forums, many of us Contax G2 enthusiasts whined to the sky over the abandonment by Kyocera of this wonderful formula. Many sentiments from all over the world envisioned a Contax G2 return with a digital sensor. So, the X-Pro1 is not wearing the Contax brand, but if there was ever a reincarnation of a result in the form of a camera, this is it. Truly an amazing effort by Fuji, in that they are obviously listening to Photographers, and tending to their wishes and needs for this formula. I haven't blown a Wad of money on a camera in a long time. The X-pro1 is tugging hard on my wallet. I dig this camera.
  28. I bought my own G2 and lenses about the same date as Don, but with the Planar 35 mm. f:2 instead of the 45. I use the lenses on the Contax for film and on a Panasonic G1 with the excellent Metabones adapters. It will be great if somebody could make such an adapter for the new X-Pro mount, and I expect, too, some custom framing for the viewfinder into the camera. In that case, taking as truth the rumored lens roadmap for this camera, I will only need the new Fujinons 14, 23 and 70-200 to get all I need for film and digital. I was waiting for this kind of camera during years. I don't mind if the viewfinder is elctronic, if it is good enough, or optic, but I prefer this manual approach than the simulated-manual of the Sony's Nex-7. In image quality, the specs of the Fujifilm sensor and processor seem to outperform (especially in the matter of using symmetrical designed wideangles) the new from Sony.
  29. Leica will not lose sales to the Fuji. Those buyers are the one's who cannot afford a M-9. This is the box and glasses for the poor unwashed shooters like myself! Truth tell the Contax when released was going to wipe the floor with Leica! Well Leica is here and the Contax is dead in water. It was a great system but with difficulties in use esp. with 90mm. i personally happy at Fuji making such a camera and lenses. Way more interesting than Pentax Toy camera or Nikons overpriced V,V1. What i do see that camera makers are heading for the higher end of market. Guess the new rich of China, the final destination.
    i personally love the small point and shoot digital cameras for majority of my work and almost totally for pro jobs. Carry a few cameras, some with special features like great B/W(Minolta G600), Early Kodak EasyShare with Kodak sensor for Kodachrome type color , that includes dreaded magenta like Leica M-8 from time to time!, Etc.
  30. I am very interested. Hope it performs as well as the G2's did. Hope the price is around $1000 or less and they should fly out the door. At that price they would give the consumer SLR market a bit of a jolt once people handle the cameras. That is, IF they live up to the hype.
    Leica is in trouble as this is what they should have as a complement to the outpriced M9.
  31. Having held one at CES this week, the Fuji X Pro 1 is pretty damn cool.
    I cannot wait to get my hands on one to test.
  32. I can't wait for you to also. Better yet, when you have finished, want to mail it to me?
  33. Leica will not lose sales to the Fuji. Those buyers are the one's who cannot afford a M-9
    Really? I would own a M9 if not for the poor high ISO performance. So, while waiting for the next gen M9, and still debating whether I should buy the M9 even with the poor high ISO performance, out came the X100. Wow, beauiful sensor, just great performance, I don't need higher res for a hand held camera.
    Now the X1 Pro comes out. If it has anywhere near the high ISO of the X100 I will own it and the 3 first lenses. After that, I doubt that Leica would have any chance to sell me a next gen camera no matter what it does. I mostly forgot about the M9 when I got the X100, the X1 Pro could make me totally forget the M9 or later variants.
    Certainly there will be X1 Pro buyers who would not be potential Leica M9 buyers. But there will be others, like me, that would be prepared to pay for the performance, if they had done it before Fuji.
  34. Good point, Desmond!
    Leslie, why on earth you want an IS in a camera which provides a great high iso performance?
    With iso6400 (and this won't be even the highest usable rating) and a prime you snap away at 1/125 and f1.4 at Barry Lyndon's candlelight dinner, when you would have to live with other cams and zooms at usable iso1600 at 1/8 and f2.8!
    And even then IS will not save your picture, it is a mere substitute for a tripod. People are moving continuosly, IS will not freeze them.
    IS is great in a 400mm f2.8 tele on a monopod, doing sports or wildlife or birds and whistles.
    But IMHO, the IS stuff in general application is a marketing plot to make up with slow dumb 10x compact zooms. Many people think they get away with sharper pics. Yes, but only sharp furniture. Life goes on.
    Now, for the f4 zooms it might be an idea. This is what Fuji is projecting. Trust them, they have made great products over the whole photographic range!
    Remember: Velvia! FP-100c! Fujinon EBC Television lenses! Reala! Neopan! 4th color layer even in consumer films (Superia)...and so on...

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