Fuji x-pro1 or Fuji x-e2?

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  1. I'm starting to feel reluctant to carry my 5D mark III and 50mm 1.2 or CZJ 50mm 2.8 wherever I go and I'm considering either the x-pro1 or x-e2 for my everyday purpose.
    AF isn't that important as I might possibly use my m-lenses instead of Fuji lenses (might consider the Fujnon 18mm f2 lens though). Aperture ring and proper shutter control are a must since I shoot 90% manually and it feels unnatural to do my setting through the LCD screen.
    X-PRO1 is much cheaper than X-E2, but X-E2 seems to be a more advanced camera (plus it looks prettier and smaller).
    The main concern here is that I have never used EVF and I'm not too certain of manual focusing with the X-E2.
  2. For what you want to do with it, take the E2 or the T1 over the Pro1. Those newer models have a much better EVF than
    the Pro1, and manual focus requires EVF or LCD because the OVF has no way to check focus. (It's not a rangefinder,
    just a viewfinder.)
  3. Thanks, Andy!
  4. Agree with Andy, and now I read just this morning that Fuji are going to offer a firmware update for the XE-2 to improve the refresh rate of the EVF to match that in the new XT-1.
    The one advantage of the Xpro-1 is of course the OVF, if you come from a rangefinder (Leica M) background and like the idea of seeing more of the scene than what will be within the image proper, then the XPro-1 is your ticket.
  5. I'd definitely go for the X E-2. I have the X E-1 and use it almost exclusively. My beloved D800E is underutilized unless I'm in the studio, or want to use a tilt shift lens. The X E-2 has focus peaking for manual focus and it's pretty good. Many people, myself included, think they'll use legacy lenses and buy adapters, as I did, but once you realize how good the Fuji lenses are, and how nice it is to have auto-focus, the legacy lenses get used infrequently at best.
    The Fuji system is a great set of tools and the lenses are on sale now (at least in the US). The 14mm f/2.8 is an absolute gem.
    Good luck.
  6. X-E2, definitely, over Xpro. but if AF isnt that important, you might also consider an XE1; the addition of PDAF is the biggest difference between the two bodies. with the money you save you can buy another lens.
  7. Depending on your budget, Eric's suggestion of the X-E1 is sound. And the other lens? 14 f2.8? Yum.
  8. The PDAF is actually very useful for manual focus because it enables the digital split image and this is very effective.
  9. Is there any difference between the X-E1 and X-E2's viewfinder? Thanks!
  10. I tried the X100's manual focus ring and it doesn't feel right, do you think I'll like the Fuji Xpro 1 or XEs?
    Oh by the way, I shoot in low light condition quiet often.
  11. Is there any difference between the X-E1 and X-E2's viewfinder? Thanks!
    The refresh rate on the XE-2 is better...no lag when panning. However, if you 1/2 way depress the shutter button there is no lag with the XE-1. I find the focus speed on the XE-1 to be quite good. Use a Sandisk 95MB/s card and format it in the camera each time you use it. It speeds things up. The XE-1 has focus peaking too. It's your $$$ but the best bang for the $$ is the XE-1w/the 18-55 and consider the $199 27 pancake for purse/pocket carry. The aperture on the 18 and 27 is set by a wheel. Not a big deal. There is talk that the 18 is going to be re-designed to focus faster and quieter. You won't go wrong with either camera.
  12. The X-E2 is a newer model and has some advantages over the X-Pro1.
    If you have used the Leica M series the size and feel of hte X-Pro1 might be a good fit.
    I tried and got rid of the X=E1 because it was too small in my hands. The X-Pro1 solved that problem for me. Others like the smaller body.
    If at all possible get one to shoot in hand before deciding and you will be happier.
  13. The split-image focusing aid on the X-E2 works pretty well for me. I've not tried the focus peaking, but a lot of people seem to like it too.
    The X-E1 doesn't have the split-image focus aid, if that is important. But, I kept my X-E1 when I got an X-E2 because it is still a very nice camera, and in some ways I prefer the control layout, which is slightly different than the X-E2.
  14. I started off with a x-E2. as great as it is, I could not live with out an OVF here in sunny Florida. Went to the X-Pro1 and eventually sold the X-E2. Happy.
  15. The xe2 has focus peaking in white,red or blue. The xpro1 only has white. I prefer the red since it is very easy to see and seems to show
    up more than the white or blue. The evf on the xe2 is very nice. The digital split image is a disappointment on the xe2. It seems to work
    when intermittently. If you do wind up with the xe2 I highly recommend the Fuji hand grip. Another nice feature is the wifi. Hopefully Fuji
    will give the xe2 the xt1 remote control.

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