Fuji X-pro 1 eye sensor problem

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by knut_schwinzer, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody,
    this is my first post at this forum, I've been more active on Leica and RF forum here in p.net before.
    I ggld this problem, but without any result, so here is my question:
    This camera delivers great pictures, WB, high ISO, love it. But now, after two month,
    my X-pro 1 eye sensor is not working anymore, in this mode the camera is only displaying the EVF,
    not the rear LCD when everything is cleared from the IR sensor at the side of the VF.
    Anybody heard/experienced that?
    Albeit using the camera in MF and M mode with the original Fuji M adapter and a Canon RF 50mm f1.4, shutter lag was way too long shooting a singer in a concert. Always got the "next" expression, which was not necessarily bad, but unintended and very annoying. Shooting three times as much pics I would have done with my M8; though the M8 would have been unusable because I had to shoot colour at ISO 1600 and f1.4 at 1/125.
    Is this the trade off? Is the shutter lag of the Fuji that serious, or do I maybe have a mayor bug indicated by the eye sensor malfunction?
    PD: Yes, I did reset the camera and took out the battery, nothing changed.
    Yes, I contacted the Fuji"Elite" warranty service here in Spain via email 30 hours ago, but no reply so far.
    Well then, it was Friday afternoon...
    Thanks for reading,
    won't be back before 24 hours!
  2. This may be too simple and I don't mean to insult you but did you try pushing the Disp/Back button?
    The Fuji M adapter and the lens you're using should have nothing to do with shutter lag. That would be a body function. The lag is definitely going to be greater than any DSLR and probably greater than the M8.
  3. Agree. Try the Dusp/Back button. For shooting manual, put the camera on S autofocus mode. That is what I do and I do
    not get major shutter lag.
  4. Another thought. Press the View Mode button.
  5. Hi again all and thanks for your help, but it is really not about me not knowing the buttons.
    When I go through the "view mode" options, there is everything, I get the "eye sensor" mode confirmation in the EVF, but the back LCD will never switch on. Otherwise, in the back LCD mode, the back LCD works as it should.
    No, no black tape on the two tiny IR windows, neither. Not even a fingerprint.
    Think I have to send it in.
    Have a good day, best wishes,
  6. Try the AE button.
  7. Hi Alex, I just sent it out. The AE button? What in heaven could it have to do with the EVF/back LCD? I wish I did, but switching the camera off/taking out the battery should have done it, if it would have been a strange hick-up of the electronics, don't you think?
  8. Try taking off "macro" mode. This setting will disable the optical View finder
  9. Hey everyone, I also have a similar problem with my fujifilm xpro-1, it seems that the viewfinder isn't seeing through the lens, usually
    it is easily fixed just by pressing the view mode button, but now that just does not want to do anything.
    I would be very grateful if someone could help me out cos I need this camera working for my school project work

  10. Billy, in my case the three modes are clearly displayed in the EVF / back LCD, but with "eye sensor" activated, it never switches to the back LCD after clearing the back of the camera. I sent it in, and they did repair it under warranty. It did work for three or for months, now the same defect occured again.
    I got used to, but will probably send it in again. Nobody else with this problem?
  11. Knut - my XPro1 is showing the same issue - at least intermittently. Was working fine, but in the past few days, has been exhibiting the same behavior you describe where the rear LCD will not turn on when clearing the back of the camera in eye-sensor mode.
    I'll probably end up sending it in - though for now, I'm pretty much just pretending it's a film camera. :)
  12. I've had my X-Pro 1 since the first week it was released in the U.S. My eye sensor had been a bit flaky the last few months and has failed
    yesterday. I now have to manually set the view mode to EVF or the back display. I'll probably send it in in a few months. So you're not
    alone. Oh by the way, the shutter lag is a bit slow. Especially noticeable with kids and pets. It's about a quarter second for me if I have
    aperture priority on. It's faster if you shoot full manual exposure.

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