Fuji W f8 90mm single coated Copal 0

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by john_mcdonald, May 18, 2002.

  1. Does anyone have comments on or experience with the Fuji W 90mm f8? I am
    considering it for 4x5 work, but cannot find any information on it. At around
    $400 it sounds like it could be a good deal, but only if it proves to be sharp, etc.
    The seller mentioned that the image circle is around 220mm. Any help is
    appreciated? Should I try this one out or move on to a better known, proven
    model? Thanks.
  2. John, I recently purchased a Fujinon 90 f8 SW, and have been very
    pleased with it. I bought mine from Jim, at Midwest Photo Exchange
    (MPEX.com). Jim makes regular trips to Japan, and hand picks Fuji
    lenses, both new, and used. My Fuji is mounted in the latest type
    Copal shutter. Fuji lenses are excellent. They have been around for a
    long time. They haven't had an import distribution dealer in the
    U.S.A. for quite a while. That's why they sometimes appear to be an
    off brand. There is an entire "cult" of Fuji users out here. A used
    one, in excellent condition, $400 price range,in a Copal shutter,
    seems like a real deal. If it is in a Seiko shutter, it is only a
    good deal. Kerry Thalmann is the expert on Fujinons. I hope he chimes
    on this thread.
  3. Well, I'm sure Kerry will pipe up - he is the "fuji man"... but in my
    limited experience, Fuji make some of the best LF lenses - they just
    don't market them in N America.


    I just got a lovely, used, 250mm 6.7 wide angle for my 8x10, and I
    only just got one batch of film back, but it looks pretty darn good
    so far (it's also single coated).


    tim a
  4. Love those Fuji lenses. I also acquired with the help of Kerry, a
    250mm 6.7 Fuji lens and previously got a 450 C with contributors
    assistance from this forum. The incentive was size and weight as I
    was in dire need of smaller footprints and lower weight relative to
    Copal #3's and 95mm filters that had got me to that point.


    It was an answer to a prayer as they are marvelous in sharpness and
    contrast. If the lens is on good shape, I would snap it up. Surely as
    good as anyting else available. You will not be sorry. Why Fuji does
    not do more here in the states is beyond me. I have a brother in
    Japan that regularly checks in for me about Fuji and they are
    continuing to stay the course with their lenses for large format.
    Good Luck.
  5. We Japanese LF photographers usually consider Fujinon first, then
    alternatives would be Nikon or Schneider or Kongo... Fujinon has got
    best reputation in Japan. Don't worry about getting Fujinon, they
    are very good lenses.
  6. Well, the lens arrived in clean condition today. The specs are a little different
    than I had been told by the seller, so I thought I would clarify. The lens is a
    Fujinon SW f8 90mm in a Seiko shutter. This corresponds to a lens on Kerry
    Thalmann's Fuji page. Now it is time to test the lens!

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