Fuji RVP100!?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by sumo_kun, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Hi! I've been shooting a lot of RVP100 (Velvia 100 non-F) recently
    and I absolutely love it! I'm living in Japan at the moment so I can
    get it easily but I'll be moving back to England in about 6 months
    time. I really want to continue to use RVP100 but since I won't be
    able to find any in England, does anyone know if there is some sort
    of petition to get Fuji to release RVP100 outside of Japan? Or am I
    gonna have to stock up big time before I leave?
    For those of you who don't know about this film, it is an extreme
    version of the original RVP. To my eyes it actually saturates colours
    to the same degree but maintains the accuracy more than RVP. Result
    is you get a nice balanced picture rather than a picture with
    hyperactive greens and blues. Plus the grain is about the same, you
    get an extra stop of speed and it performs better reciprocity wise!
    Probably my no.1 film now! RVP50 has taken second place!!
  2. I totally agree with you about Velvia 100. Fortunately for me, I'm staying in Japan at least a few more years!

    Good luck in your quest, though!
  3. Is there any way to get this film in America? I've heard great things about it and always wanted to try it.

  4. I thought I read a post here recently that the difference between RVP 100F and 100 was quite minimal (the poster had tried both and reported so). Obviously you must not feel the same. Please share the big difference before this unavailable film becomes the legendary holy grail we outside of Japan cannot obtain.
  5. Well, I've not tried RVPF (Velvia 100F) because I didn't think it would give the punch RVP50 does. The tests I've read on it also seem to say it is a good film overall but doesn't have the colours of RVP50. I really like the saturation of colours in my slides so I went with RVP100. The adverts over here say that RVP100 is the most saturated film in the world at the time of its release. That means more than RVP50! I'de probably agree but it isn't a garish saturation. It actually enhances all colours very nicely to give a nice balanced palette.
    If you guys outside of Japan can get this imported or something I'd DEFINITELY recommend a roll or two.
    I'll probably try to do a comparison with RVPF and RVP100 sometime taking pictures of the same subject etc. I don't have any way of upl;oading stuff here so you'll need to put up with a verbal description. I'll get back to ya when I finish testing. Might take a while though...
  6. The film is sold by 7dayshop.com who are in Guernsey - I buy all my slide films from them - cheap and good quality. I live in Europe, and they are outside it, so I save 17.5% tax too - so will you.

    This posting is old, so I guess it is available anywhere now - hopefully you are happily using it at this time

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