Fuji Reala 120 discontinued?

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by andrew_schank, May 1, 2001.

  1. Reala 120 discontinued Saw this at B&H today saying Reala no longer available--I'm bummed and hope maybe something "better" and similar is in the works to replace it.. Looks like they are also out of stock on the US 100 speed Superia in 120 as well. Are all we are going to end up with is low contrast "wedding film" in 120 negative size? Does anyone know of a source for Fuji's 400 speed superia 120 film here in the US? Found out they sell it in Europe, but can't find a seller here in the US.
  2. About a year ago I had heard that Reala 120 was being discontinued and contacted Fuji USA via telephone. They confirmed that it would no longer be imported into the US. I then called several photo mail order places and found that they were still able to get it. Perhaps other mail order companies will still import it. I too am bummed - it's a good film.
  3. Hmm... I wonder.

    Fuji's 100 speed consumer film, SuperHQ 100, has disappeared from all my local "usual suspects" like Wal-Mart and Sav-On. I haven't checked the cheapest place, Ritz Camera, but I'm just wondering if they're paring down their line?
  4. Just called B&H in NY - they said they had it in stock (120 size) at 1.99!
  5. Recently, I had ocasion to shoot some 220 Fuji NPC. As one who rarely shoots anything other than 220 E-6, I do not know much about these types of film or if it is offered in 120, but it is a very nice 160 speed print film... much more vivid colors and snappier contrast than any C-41 emulsion that I know of. This might be an alternative for you.

  6. Try Canada. Alt Camera in Toronto has a website: http://www.altcamera.com/
  7. Hmmm, they just shipped me 5 propacks of Reala yesterday (grey market). I hope that didn't deplete the stocks! I haven't had any problem with grey market Reala in the past. If it's gettin' scarce, I may have to order a load for the freezer. Awsome film, I hope they keep it around.
  8. Fuji USA stopped distributing it a while back. The B&H imported
    version is still available. I believe 120 & 220 is still available in
    Canada and other countries. I assume Fuji Japan has stopped
    manufacturing it and B&H and Fuji distributors in other countries
    are selling remaining stock. Anybody know for sure?
  9. Reala 100 in 120 roll is seemingly easily available here in Australia. It costs anything from $AUD8.95 and upwards for a single roll (about $USD4.50) - we pay a bit more for film here for some reason - e.g. Velvia 135-36 will set you back $AUD17 a roll - don't bracket if you dare !
  10. Fuji Reala has gone through more political convolutions than a Russian election, and Fuji can blame themselves for Reala's continued popularity because they haven't introduced anything better. The base dye set technology of this film is over 10years old, and it still continues to rock.

    CS-100 Reala might only be available in 120 format, but it's a better film than NPS (Fuji's official substitute for USA Reala), and better than 35mm designated Superia-Reala. NPC has more vivid color saturation, but it lacks the subtle color transitions of Reala and is vastly inferior in terms of skin tones.

    I've always bought the import version of Reala from B&H (dirt cheap at $1.99 a roll) because the USA version has always been inconsistent to get ahold of. One wonders how much longer it will be available.
  11. If this film ceases to be available - can anyone think of a substitute? Other than Konica Impresa 50, Superia CN 100 and Agfa Optima 100, I cannot seem to come up with any film that would be a "general purpose" - ie., non-portrait 120 film...

    Any thoughts on these or other films? I use Portrait 160 from Agfa a lot, and I must say that I like it very much. Maybe Optima's up to the task? And I have heard a lot of good stuff about Impresa too... next week, I'm gonna shoot off a few test rolls of all these. If I do not like what I get, I'm gonna stock up on Reala...
  12. I have been in Japan now for a month. Last time I looked (a few days ago), there was still plenty of Reala 120 on the shelves here. I too would be disappointed to see it go.

    André E. Lalonde
  13. If it is available in other countries, and it is agreed to be one of the best films available, why have they stopped selling it to us in the US? Fuji's US marketing people need to pay more attention.
  14. >>>If it is available in other countries, and it is agreed to be one of the best films available, why have they stopped selling it to us in the US? Fuji's US marketing people need to pay more attention<<<

    My take is that Fuji's people believe that they know better what you want / need than you do... very frustrating.
  15. Hi Everyone

    I have contacted Fujifilm in the UK (being UK based) and they have categorically stated that Reala 120 will be available in the UK and that there are no plans to discontinue it.

    This is good news because it is a quite a mainstay in the UK.

    I am surprised that it would be discontinued in the US but I am sure you could order it from abroad.

  16. I just picked up 40 rolls from my dealer here in Grand Rapids, Mich. They were not aware of discontinuation, but I bought it anyway. I'll just put it in the freezer. Bob Cook
  17. I just bought 50 rolls from Adorama for my freezer.
  18. This discussion got me quite worried about the availability of Reala. It is not the first time that I loose a good film, so I just cycled to the local photoshop to double-check my earlier statement (yesterday). I am happy to confirm that there is plenty of Reala 120 on the shelves here in Japan, and it's fresh (dated 2002). The film is labelled Reala Ace (iso100) and sells for 480 yen per roll.
    For your information, the following Fuji print films were also available: 120 Fuji SuperG, iso 100, 430 yen. 120 Fujicolor Pro400, iso 400, 480 yen. 120 Fujicolor NC160, iso 160, 460 yen. 120 Fujicolor NS160, iso 160, 480 yen. This is at a local chain camera store in Northern Japan (i.e. not a specialized store).
    I just hate it when you start getting used to a film, like a pair of old slippers, and the manufacturer drops it and doesn't introduce any replacement product. I remember a few years ago, when Kodak dropped Ektar25-120, I was so angry at them that I pouted them and stopped buying Kodak for nearly a year. More recently, Konica did the same with the 120 SRG-3200 which was an excellent fast film for astrophotography. Kodak just dropped PMZ-1000 and did not replace it with anything of the same speed.
    Are we heading towards a market dominated by two or three emulsions from each of the principal film makers? Let's hope not.
    André E. Lalonde
  19. i too was trying to figure out what to do without 120 reala in my tlr.
    check out the imported version of reala is still selling at B&H. I have read all the threads about US vs. Grey film, but when i emailed fuji, they said they had not imported Reala into the US for a long time and had no plans to do so. They suggested I try NPC 160.
    I would rather (and always do) buy grey Reala! *daniel
  20. An update on the availability of Reala 220 in Canada (well,
    Toronto anyway). I had recommended Alt Camera, but they went
    bankrupt recently. I had given up hope of finding this film again,
    but a friend picked some up for me today at a wedding
    photography store called Sylvano's. I don't think they do mail
    order though.
  21. J. Martin, That would be Silvano's at www.silvanoimaging.com and they do deliver. ($5.74 max, no charge on orders over $120 CDN)
  22. As far as I know its still available up here in BC Canada. And its Jan 2003. I know a few places that carry it in 120 and I bought a 5 pak today. The other film I use is Kodak Royal Gold 100 and that I do know is discontinued, though one store still has stock of it. That I got 10 rolls of and threw in the fridge.

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