Fuji QuickChange Film Holder = 8 shot Grafmatic !?

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by peter_yardley, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. A "Fuji Quickchange" holder is for sale on Ebay here
    is it as described an updated Grafmatic? I knew of QuickLoad, but not of Quickchange. sounds pretty good for location work with light weight.
    Anyone had experience with them?
  2. Peter,

    Personally, I'd go with the Fuji Quick Change holder rather than the Grafmatic back.

    I surmise you'll be buying the Grafmatic back on the used market. They're great when they
    work properly. The downside to buying them used is that you can end up with a back with
    septums that aren't flat. Or, the counter doesn't work (which isn't a huge deal though.) At
    other times, you'll find the mechanism may not be in perfect working order and this can
    cause jerky movements when loading and unloading film during the shoot. (This was my
    own experience. When changing to the next sheet of film, it was so jerky that it would
    cause the filmback to go out... resulting in problem shots.)

    This is NOT to say that you can't find a perfect specimen but they are pretty hard to find.

    Having said that, the Grafmatic backs also have a pretty hefty weight to them. So, if you're
    looking for the lightest weight possible, I'd suggest you consider Fuji Quickloads and
    either a Fuji holder or a Polaroid 545 film back rather than the Grafmatic back.

    Just my 2 cents worth! :)

    Good luck.

  3. According to Dirk R�sler at Megaperls Japan Webshop, www.unicircuits.com/shop/, the QuickChange backs and the plastic film cartridge inserts are going out of production. He is still selling them. The plastic inserts can be reloaded but are plastic and will degrade over time. A wonderful system, but users should purchase several film cartridge inserts soon.
  4. Just the opposite. From what i understand a mint graphmatic might be better. I posted a question about the quickchange system a while back and one user here noted that it light leaked and fogged every piece of film he ever ran through it. He did offer it for sale to me, but after that response I decided to use graphmatics.
  5. Could not disagree more!

    I own a Quickchange and Grafmatics, and the Grafmatics can leak, have bent septums, and counters that jam. they are also very old by now.

    The Quickchange has unbendable plastic inserts, works perfectly, is 50% lighter and has 8 shot capacity, rather than 6, and you can swap out mid sequence. its a no brainer.

    Ken Canham (camera maker and technician par excellence) uses them himself and liked them so much he went to visit the designer in Japan, and then became the US importer when that was possible! You cant get a higher recommendation than that.

    I would choose them over a Grafmatic any day. Considering that EBay outfit = more than 5 grafmatics, its a bargain.
  6. In an old thread of apug.org, I found this link, in case you are interested in how it works.

  7. Peter,

    At the current bid of $355 AND with about 9 days left... I think I'd be buying a pile of Toyo
    4x5 holders instead! :)


    All the more power to the seller! :)

  8. 16 exposures. Bulletproof. Very light. No darkroom needed to load. You young guys don't know what you've missed.
  9. Yes, $350 isn't nothing, but 5 good clean Grafmatics would be around $500, and considering this is much lighter, its doesnt seem a bad price.

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