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  1. Some time ago I made a posting about Fuji Natura 1600 color print film. My
    first roll came out with odd colors and I thought the film might have been
    fogged in transit from Japan to the US. I now believe that the odd colors
    came from the bad mix of lighting in the gym where I shot the roll. I tested
    a second roll today and there were no signs of fog at all. The next time I
    shoot in that gym I think I will use b&w film. The Fuji Natura 1600 film is
    available from the Megaperls webshop (www.unicircuits.com) in Japan.
  2. Hi Jeff,
    I agree that it was not likely fogged in transit. Mail doesn't routinely get X-rayed. I've shot a few rolls of Natura and think very highly of it. I've shot it in bright sunlight (overexposed a bit) and it ended up giving great skin tones like the rest of the portrait line just with a bit more grain. I've shot it under all sorts of mixed lighting and thought it worked well. I over exposed by 1/2 to 1 stop to reduce grain.

    The indoor color and BW shots here were mostly with Natura in a Canonet:
  3. Roger, did you shoot them at EI800 (Canonet highest ISO setting)?
  4. Glad to hear it Jeff.
    Useful Kodak guide to identify X-Ray fogging is here.
    Happy Easter from Japan
  5. Erm, isn't it sort of obviuous that if you shoot under artificial lighting without filters that a daylight balanced film will give non-accurate colours?
    Anyway, good to hear you're enjoying the film. Fuji rules!
  6. My Canonet meter isn't quite right, so ISO 800 on the Canonet is somewhere between 800 and 1600 (it varies!) As I thought this feature was useful I asked my camera's repairer not to touch the meter. I shoot NPZ at 400 and Natura at 800 and am quite happy with the results.
  7. How is Natura 1600 different from Pres 1600?
  8. Natura's in the portrait series and has less garish colors. Grain is finer, too.
  9. I have seen images online taken with Natura. The consensus is that it's the best 1600 color film out there. Sometimes you can find somebody selling some on eBay.
  10. Fuji Natura is a film which sucks a lot compared to any ISO 400 and ISO 800 film (Fuji NOPZ800, Kodak Portra 800, even pushed one stop) *=* I enclose some of the worst pictures taken with Fuji Natura 1600 (film 3pack that somebody bought for me in Tokoy at Yodabashi in January 2007. camera was some Rollei rangefinder point and shoot in the USD 600 price range (pictures with Kodak 400UC was 95 % OK in comparison) hope that helps, rainer
  11. you may be luckier to use (slide) Fuji Provia 400X [RXP] and push 2 stops. There is SOME reason that this film is NOT available in 120 size and outside japan...
  12. Rainer, your exposures remain me mines when underexposed. Time ago I gave up and overexpose negs by a stop, especially hi-speed negs. Last roll of 1600 konica exposed at 800 came out better than at box speed, so I'd do /w Natura too.
  13. My assumption is that the speed of Ranier's Natura 1600 was vastly
    reduced by X-ray and other factors during transportation.
  14. I don't know what you guys have done, but my results don't look like this at all and I shot at
    night rated 1600, sharp with not much grain and good colour.
  15. I shoot Natura 1600 all the time with a Fuji Natura P&S and it always looks great. I think you have the exposure wrong on your shots.
  16. The above shots were grossly underexposed. Try metering for the shadows. I've traveled around with Natura on planes, kept it unrefrigerated for quite some time and it looks great.
  17. Here is a recent Natura photo. I believe I shot this a ASA1250 and normal processing. In general, I like the film.
  18. I need help to test my Natura Black. It suddenly locked up and flashes the digit 8. What does this mean?
    I have removed the battery,and I hope that the camera will re-set.
    Does anyone know someone in the USA who is capable and willing to check a Natura?

  19. Superia-Press 1600 is a different emulsion than the Natura 1600. The Natura has a more muted color palette and finer grain. The attached snap was made on 35mm Natura 1600, burned @ ASA 1250.
  20. Hi, just thought I'd back up Roger there and add that Natura 1600 looks fine if you expose it right. Rating the film at 1250 ISO certainly works well.
    The shots posted by Rainer are underexposed. Provia 400x pushed looks very nice indeed, but that's a different look with the colours altogether.

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