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  1. Hello,
    Recently released by Fuji, the IS-1 is capable of shooting both IR and color
    images. This is not to be confused with the S3 UV-IR. Instead this is based on
    a previous Point and Shoot design. Any comments from those with experience
    with this new camera would be appreciated. Would like to know how the images
    look in reguler color as I understand a IR/UV cut filter is laced on the lens
    to reduce/eliminate IR light and of course sample IR images would be
    Thanks for your comments!
  2. Rather surprised that there were not any responses to my query. I went ahead and purchased the Fujifilm IS-1 with the intention of using as both a light weight visible light and IR camera. I'm still getting comfortable with the camera and its menus. First impressions are very positive and I'll come back in a few days with further comments. Purchased as a package which included a IR/UV cut filter and a B+W IR Filter #093. I already have a Hoya R72. You will want to establish a couple of custom WB settings, perhaps using the Auto WB for visible and the available two customs for each IR filter. Anyway, allow me to make a few hundred images before I comment further.
    Best regards,
  3. Dave,
    I'm really interested in what you have to say as I'm currently in the market for an IR camera. I'd really be interested to hear what you have to say about focusing and its raw mode. BTW, where did you buy yours from?
  4. Paul,
    I purchased the IS-1 from Adorama, NY. It's available either as the camera only or as a kit which includes two filters; IR/UV Cut Filter and a IR Filter. I've got some paying assignments at the moment so not having much time to use the IS-1 this week. I will say that focusing in IR can be a challenge and focusing manually may be best. The image is visible on the LCD or view finder screen (you can switch between displays) however the picture seems as though it gets a bit noisy when shooting IR making it tough to focus. It looks as though the signal has been boosted. Auto focus does in fact work in IR - sometimes. Make plenty of exposures and shoot at iso 200 and above. I've only been playing in jpegs so far so can't comment on raw performance at this time. Visible light photography looks good-lowest iso setting is 80 and of course you use the UV/IR Cut filter when shooting visible light. Colors look very nice and there is a color setting to emulate Fujichrome. This camera is between a P&S and a SLR; it handles nicely but it's not designed for rapid fire. It will find its place in my tool box when I want to shoot IR or wish to carry a light weight camera when hiking. I'll come back on making images in raw when I have the chance.
  5. Hello, I have the Fuji IS-1 now over 4 weeks taken more than 1200 pictures with it, some test series and an infrared movie to! My experience with the camera is great, de results are after a short time great. I was used to a Sony F717 for ir and de is-1 is a good partner for it. I am using the hoya r72 and a BW 800 nm and own made ir filters for the camera. By iso 80 the pictures are great, and if je set de camera on BW the sharpness is even better, on a sunny day the shutter speed is about 1/80 at iso 80 no problem, when going up to 1600 iso, you find more and more noise, but it give some pictures a art effect. Macro is still a problem, for the autofocus, but I am testing an ir/greenfilter combination to improve the autofocus capability of the Fuji we will see if it works. There are some pictures of the camera on the following web album, take a look. http://picasaweb.google.com/fuji.IS1.photography When taken a picture without blocking filter the images are color shifted, and the trees are reddish, I like the effect, when playing in Photoshop it gives great effects. So, I will use the camera a lot this summer to find out all of his/her? greetings norbert
  6. Its great to finally find some other IS-1 users. Just got mine out of the box and have taken about 30 shots. Have been noticing a hexagon of light in the middle of the image on many infrared shots, any idea as to why? Also, have any of you tried to do an HDRI conversion on any shots/sequences?

    How did the video turn out? I'm a student and am loaded with work so I won't be able to really use it in depth until the end of november, but if you have any tips on using the camera, it would be much appreciated by me, and all other IS-1 users who have to scour the web for information on this camera. Also, if you have any links to great IS-1 or IR sites that are not on the main google grid, lemme know.

    Thanks mucho, chaz
  7. I'm new into photography, but I am learning a lot. I mainly shoot landscapes and nature and wanted to convert my bridge (Canon Powershot S3 IS) to infrared but then I heard about this camera.
    I'm more than likely going to buy it, but beforehand I want to know about the IR and IR-cut filters, and where I can buy them.
  8. Norbert - that's some nice stuff, makes me want one of these cameras...Is it a hassle to buy one or is it just a matter of filling
    out the paper work and convincing them you a serious artiste?
  9. Hello, Jared here. I'm brand new to the photo hobby. First off, Norbert, I looked at your photos and I must say I would be thrilled if I can manage to accomplish what you have. They're amazing shots! Ok, so I don't have an IS-1 yet but will hopefully in the next couple days. Here's my first question with regard to B+W filters. I've noted that the prices vary greatly depending on the ##. For example, the B + W 58mm Infrared Filter # 099 runs about half the price of a #093. So whats the difference between the two. I don't know what the numbers mean and why the cost would be so different. Any takers on this one?

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